Sports Hall of Fame {Brunch & Induction}

I’m back today with part two of Honey’s special weekend! On Saturday morning all of the Hall of Fame Inductees gathered in the school rotunda for a lovely brunch overlooking the football field. I loved that our brunch started in prayer led by their Young Life Leader from the early 90s. He is still active in the program today and John knows him!

One of the baseball team seniors in 1992 gave a wonderful speech and shared some really fun stories and memories from back in the day. My favorites included a séance in the locker room and how the coach found them literally burning the bats after a few bad games. The stories were full of fondness and reflection. I could tell what a special and close group of guys they were.

Their head coach was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was visibly choked as he approached the podium. And, he started with “We are blessed. We are truly blessed. Not everybody has this. The best group of parents, the best group of players in my 17 years coaching. It was my blessing to lead, guide and direct you. You had what it took.”

He ended with saying “They didn’t know how great they were. They didn’t. And that’s why they are where they are. They didn’t find out how great they were until after. And they are still finding out today.”

I whispered to my boys to truly listen as these special athletes and coaches spoke. There were themes running through the whole induction: being humble, working hard, being part of the team, knowing how blessed you are.

The 1992 Raider Baseball Team!

Honey with assistant and head coaches!

So incredibly proud of this guy!

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I love that my boys are following in their dad’s footsteps, while blazing their own amazing paths at the same time. I love that they beam and blead Raider pride. I love that they will walk the halls of their high school, pass through the Hall of Fame and Walk of Champions, look up and think “that’s MY dad.” We are truly blessed.

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3 thoughts on “Sports Hall of Fame {Brunch & Induction}

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment that will live on forever. ❤️💙⚾️💙❤️ What a special, reflective and fun weekend! 👏👏👏👏 Jane ~ San Diego

  2. Congratulations to Honey and the entire 92′ Raiders baseball team! I know how incredibly proud you and the boys are of him. What a great celebratory weekend and I think you mentioned that two of the players from that team even went on to play in MLB so that is really special as well.

    Back in the day, my high school (Meadowbrook) had a great golf team. There was a nearby country club golf course named Meadowbrook as well where the team would practice and play. Two brothers on the team (Lanny & Bobby Watkins) later went on to play in the PGA.

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