We had a busy lacrosse weekend. Whit finished up his last game on senior select. Just when I posted this was also the end of his lacrosse career, I realized he is playing on a summer team. HA! That will be the end of his lacrosse as he looks forward to pursing new things in high school!

John was sick as a dog all week – high fever, all the body pains, nausea. He somehow made it to school Friday and to the state playoffs, where the Raiders lost in overtime.

Speaking of high school, we attended a fun luau social for rising freshmen with Whit last Friday. I still can’t believe he’s reached the end of middle school. I watched him mow the lawn from my office Wednesday evening and marveled at how my sweet baby boy has grown up in the blink of an eye. (He then came inside covered head to toe in dirt when I caught him about to flop on the sofa ….)

After traveling for work Monday – Friday last week, I cooked my tail off to make up for it this week. :-) We enjoyed lots of favorites!

Flank Steak & Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Beaches & Cream Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

I ran across the cheese mix that Beaches & Cream uses and HAD to try it. They were delicious – boursin, cheddar and provolone. YUM!

Yesterday was the PERFECT, yet fleeting, spring day! We had the doors open from sun up to bed time. I made Empress 75s to enjoy on the porch, and then Honey grilled the first pizzas of the season.

Every time I leave the grocery store, I get these comments “Y’all havin a party?” “Company comin?” “Girl, you got some groceries”. Feeding two teen boys is NO JOKE. We mostly eat at home and I swear I shop like this every 5-6 days. After Publix, I stopped at Trader Joe’s for more.

It’s not too late to plan your summer vacation!

I saw this and figured it was timely, given Cinco de Mayo coming up. :-)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

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One thought on “Musings

  1. That pizza looks amazing! BTW…..I was in a locally owned furniture store last week and was talking to the owner and he commented he and his wife had just gotten back from a trip to Disney with his son/DIL and family. He said he hadn’t been to Disney in many years and loved every minute of it with his grandchildren. His favorite was the new Star Wars ride! His son has season tickets for the family as he travels to the Orlando area for business often.

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