Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Congrats Grad Cards}

Since we returned from Spring Break, we’ve been on the grad party circuit. Honey and I attended as many as we could for those in John’s circle, and it has been such a fun and festive season. Cash is king when it comes to grad gifts, so I revamped an old stand-by birthday card from back in the day.

I took out a bunch of bills from the bank and left these in a stack for John to grab and go. I see a lot of posts on social media about what and how much to give as a graduation gift. I always wondered this too. Now that I’m solidly in the season, I know the kids love cash and any sort of gift specific to their college if that’s where they are headed. For a dollar amount, I think it is completely and entirely up to you and what your budget allows. I even truly believe it is okay to give a card with a nice, handwritten note. John received a few of those at his party and loved them as much as the others. Another cute thing we saw a few of was a check written in the amount of $20.24 for his graduation year. At any rate, anything goes so it isn’t something to stress about or financially burden yourself over.

I am excited to share tomorrow what we did for his closest group of friends!

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