Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Elementary School Senior Walk}

The elementary schools in our high school cluster have the sweetest tradition of the Senior Walk.

The elementary school teachers and students line the hallways, while the graduating class returns in their gowns to walk the halls one last time to the Pomp & Circumstance March. Along the way, many hugs are shared between favorite students and teachers.

I can still vividly remember being a parent volunteer a few times when my boys were still in elementary school and seeing this from the other side. It seemed unfathomably far away. John’s graduating class is about 700, and his elementary school 5th grade class was about 200. These are still some of his closest friends, and you may recognize them from proms, events and parties!

Last day of 5th grade to senior walk:

Our last day of 5th grade breakfast and here they are now!

After the walk the kids enjoyed breakfast and got to socialize with retired teachers! I know many of you still remember how he started 3rd grade, and then we eventually moved to the amazing Miss C’s class. Well, here they are now!

It was an emotional morning AND the first time I saw him in his gown. Four days…

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