Ikea Hackers

Like many in metro areas across the world, I too succumbed to the greatness that is Ikea when it finally made it’s way to the South back in 2005.  I mean, what’s not to love about a shopping destination with free childcare, free lunches for littles and mind boggling-ly low prices?!?! Since that first somewhat… Read More

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Oyster Fetish

Gracing my home in the form of mirrors, candle holders, oil paintings and even wine corks, it’s no secret that I have a oyster fetish.  So, I’m just over the moon with one of my newest additions to my oyster addiction…the oyster frame! Living on the coast, Mother and Daddy-O frequently enjoy the gorgeously shelled… Read More

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Atelier Antlers

With the big basement re-do behind us, I have been enthusiastically pulling out some of the lovelies I’ve collected over the last eight months to find them a more suitable home than the bowels of my closet.  The first things out and up were my Suzanne Kasler (Suzanne was our girl name and it still… Read More

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