Since we welcomed Cookie into our lives just two short years ago, we’ve made a conscious effort to, at least once a month, take each little on a special outing with both Mommy and Daddy.  Now, Cookie’s one on one time usually ends up being a shopping excursion or happy hour at the club, but at age two he is just as pleased as punch to have the attention of both of us at the same time.  At age five, John’s one on one time is generally much more fantastic – something that would be hard to do with little brother tagging along.  So, yesterday Honey and I treated the PCP to a visit to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily Circus.

From the moment the ring master, in his booming voice, began the show with “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…” to the spectacular grand finale parade, John sat on the edge of his seat, mesmerized with the entire three ring show.  And Honey and I, being two of those children of all ages that enjoy the spectacle of a circus, particularly enjoyed this year’s theme, Barnum’s FUNundrum, that featured loads of bewildering side-show type acts.

While John’s favorite act was the Bionic Brothers, two amazingly acrobatic contortionist brothers, each and every time I watch this greatest show on earth, I can’t help but be awe stuck by the talented pack of pachyderms.

So went a lovely and very special afternoon with our biggest little.  And since it wouldn’t be a circus without wholesome snacks, after dining on blue cheese chips and cheesy fries, the only conundrum we faced at the FUNndrum was which sugary treat to try.

With that, Honey is on holiday today, the littles will be up soon and I’m off to sneak a cup of Paris tea before all craziness begins.


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