Valentines Roundup

We looooove the holidays around here.  And the holiday of love is just no exception.  After celebrating with a day full of heart shaped meals for the littles, a party at school and cupcake Valentines for friends, Valentine’s Day culminated with a romantic dinner for two at home.

Here’s a roundup of our goings and doings…

Heart Flap Jacks
When Anpa isn’t here to fetch Krispy Kreme, we almost always kick off our weekends with pancakes.  It’s just fun!  And the Williams-Sonoma pancake pen is a must.  You can make so many fun things – we’ve done Mickey, ghosts, letters, hearts, polka dots (just kidding, that would be a round pancake, right?) and, when fancy strikes, pulled out the transportation molds!  And my brand spanking new Pampered Chef’s creative cutters made their debut with heart shaped apples as a side.

Fortune Cookies
We finished up our fortune cookies today.  Reading these each morning was a special part of our day that I’ll miss but, as luck would have it, I’m already starting to plan for our daily Lenten activities.  I do adore things that count down to a holiday.

Open Faced Chocolate Sandwiches
I probably use my cookie cutters more on sandwiches than I do on cookies!  This morning we dined on one of the littles most requested meals…chocolate sandwiches (which is really whole wheat toast topped with nutella) and strawberries.  [Whenever I even think the world “nutella” I start salivating for one of FLIP’s Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow Milkshakes.]

Class Party
The littles carried their Valentine’s to school in bags we decorated over the weekend.  And for a very special treat, we brought mini bottles of water, Kool-Aid fizzy tabs and straws for the class.  For the teachers we delivered my mother’s sugar free Salted Caramel Chocolate Pudding cups.  I’ll have to provide that recipe soon!


Heart Pizza
After the party, we dined on a heart shaped pizza and cherry Sprites.  I just love Publix’s bakery pizza dough.  And I also love forming it into random shapes.

Cupcake Valentines
For our neighborhood friends, we delivered cupcake Valentines.  What a sweet treat to find in their mailboxes!

Supper For Two
So, the coup de grace of the day was a candlelit supper with Honey (after the littles were tucked in their beds, of course)!!!!!!!!!!!  I set up a table in the den that was just the perfect size for TWO.  And I was ecstatic to finally have an occasion to pull out my new domed cupcake pedestals.  We used our silver, fine china, champagne flutes from the night Honey proposed and sterling goblets from our wedding.  Our menu consisted of a gentleman’s wedge, filet mignon (on the big green egg), twice baked potatoes, brussels sprouts and pink pearl cupcakes.  Honey surprised me with roses and delectable long stemmed chocolate covered strawberries.  Tres romantic.

We used to just skip right over Valentine’s Day.  I can’t really say why I was so willing to pass up an occasion for a gift and a fabulous meal.  I think we just got caught up with having babies and forgot to take advantage of a fantastic reason to celebrate US.  So I gifted Honey a devilishly dapper Tailor Byrd shirt from J. Parker Ltd. in Savannah.  And Honey surprised me with not only the Alison Evans oyster plates I’d been eying ever since bestie R started working at Hazelnut New Orleans and brought them home for himself, but also with a facelogic gift certificate!  *squeal with delight*

Sweet dreams, y’all.  Mine will be…


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