All Around Town

We made a whirlwind tour of the Savannah today, headed all around town for this and that.  Everyone was up bright and early seeing as my parents roofers showed up at the crack of dawn, stomping around like a heard of elephants right over our sleeping quarters.  So after a motley breakfast of muffins, pancakes and pizza we headed out on a full day excursion.

A hearty dose of morning rain hedged our plans to picnic in Forsyth Park so instead we made our way to the first place I could think of that was 1) indoors, 2) entertaining, and 3) cheap.  Now this yet to be revealed locale is going to be totally unexpected and absolutely out of the realm of my normal haunts.  Care to hazard a guess?  … Bet you didn’t come up with the Bass Pro Shop.  Yes, friends, you read it right.  We spent our morning at the Bass Pro Shop.  Test driving party boats, joy riding ATVs and scruitinizng the fish.  And after this wild wilderness adventure there was no doubt in my mind that experiencing the great outdoors while indoors is just the way I fancy doing it.

Part two of our Savannah Mall visit consisted of the obligatory spin on the carousel.  Old hat for John, he speedily scanned the options and chose the heftiest nag in the herd.  John’s minion Cookie was hot on his heels, clamoring up on the horse next door.  That baby repeatedly squealed what has to be one of the most joyous and delightful squeals I’ve ever heard each and every time his ride went up. 

Our next stop was for lunch at the Savannah finger and spuds institution known as Spanky’s.  By the time the four of us shared a large basket of the legendary eats (you must dip in honey) the sun was shining and we were on our way to dessert.

Dessert at Back in the Day Bakery, that is!  Since our visit to the Starland District last month, I haven’t been able to get that Nana’ Pudding out of my mind.  And in addition to that sublime treat, we also sampled Miss Hanna’s cookies – a lavendar sugar cookie sandwich filled with vanilla buttercream icing.  Deee-lish, if I do say so myself.

Sugared up and totally gorged, our subsequent stop was at a few of our downtown must-shops (find the first installment here and second here.)  We popped in No. Four Eleven to have a pillow embroidered with my custom monogrm and to ogle their always fresh, undeniably chic spring decor.  Feast your eyes on these vignettes…

Just down the way, we browsed around the always great, wonderfully eclectic One Fish Two Fish.  Everytime I go in I feel like I could move right in.  Here’s a smattering of the lovelies in store right now…

By this time it was nearly five o’clock and we finally made it to Forsyth Park.  Before we unleashed the littles to run wild on the playground and splash around in the fountain, we delighted in the lovely Fragrant Garden for the Blind.  Such a sweet spot, and so full of history.

And to round out our day, we picked up supper from our favorite Japanese take out joint before making it home to see the roofers packing up their tools and loading up their trucks.  A productive day all around, I’d say.


PS. Am I the only one whose littles manage to get soaking wet everywhere we go?  We go home in our undies at least a few times a month…

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