Decked Out

We’re starting to gear up for Independence Day around these parts – hanging flags and gathering up all things patriotic.  Yesterday I swept up the remnants of our latest hail storm and decked out the deck in red, white and blue.

And the reward for my efforts – dining alfresco (albeit on a spur of the moment recipe for which I was missing a few key ingredients) with the family.

Thank the good Lord old George W. (as in Washington) gave us such divine colors and patterns to work with all these years. :-)

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10 thoughts on “Decked Out

  1. love it. looks fab, as always! question, where is a good place to get planters? love the one you have in the 2nd picture. looked at scott's last time i was there to no avail…my little front porch desperately needs adornment! :)

  2. Callie – mine are from hobby lobby. They are fiberglass and originally faux concrete looking. I spray them black every few years. Have had em for at least 5 yrs :-)

  3. Your Deck looks fantastic! I especially like the placement of flags & the flag pillow. Perfect touches!

    Thank you so much for stopping by today;)

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. It all looks great! I love patriotic colors. I haven't brought mine out yet, but will later this week. I'm usually decorated by this time, but this heat has me lagging behind. Happy 4th to you! ~ sarah

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