Chandelier Sleeves

Back when I shared my foyer dress-up, I promised a tutorial on making your own chandelier sleeves.

Here is the before…

And here’s how to dress it up:

1. I really wanted to tie in the quatrefoil pattern from my favorite, drool-inducing Dash and Albert Plain Tin Slate rug.  So I used the image on their website to create my very own paper!  I right clicked on the image of my rug at this link and chose Copy Image.  I then pasted it into a word document, enlarged a tad and printed.  Scrapbook paper, colored paper or any other pattern would work equally as well.  In addition to your paper of choice, you’ll just need double stick tape and scissors.

2. Remove the existing candle sleeves from your chandelier by unscrewing the bulbs and just lifting them off.  Cut your paper to be just a tad under the length of the sleeve and long enough to fully wrap around.

3. Place double stick tape on one end of the paper, roll around the candle sleeve and press tight on the paper to get a good stick from the tape.  I made sure that the paper didn’t over hang the length of the sleeve. I didn’t want paper touching the light bulbs.  What good is a dressed up chandelier if it burns your house down?  Repeat for the rest of the sleeves.

4. Slip the sleeves back on and screw the bulbs in.  And that’s that!

Happy crafting y’all!

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12 thoughts on “Chandelier Sleeves

  1. Nice way to change up the candles…I'm going to remember this idea!
    Stop over for a last chance to enter a vintage linen giveaway!

  2. Cute idea. Makes a big difference.
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I'll hope you'll come see the nursery I helped create for my first grandchild.


  3. Double genius! Not only on covering the candle covers, but to get it by taking a picture from the ad for your lovely rug. How smart is that?

  4. The ceiling light fixture and Magnificent Mirror in your foyer are lovely. Have you ever posted where they were purchased? Thanks so much!

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