Leg 1: Savannah

We’ve finally embarked on our three legged tour of Georgia and Florida that will ultimately culminate in the most magical place on earth…. Disney World!  Shhhh… the littles still don’t know!

We kicked off the nine day excursion spending two days in what must be the second most magical place on earth, Savannah.

We ran off our steam at the “pirate” playground.

And befriended a random dog at the park.

We visited the sweet old Tybee Memorial Cemetery where we admired the ancient headstones, thought about the family that washed ashore and were careful to be “super quiet” so as to not “wake the dead” (in the words of the PCP).
We played beach volleyball.
We ran, tumbled and finally plum wore ourselves out in the back yard.
And, we made a jaunt over to walk the trails at Oatland Island.  By “we” I mean “Honey”.  
As always, we spent time on the dock convening with the crabs.
Of course Mother had been busy tweaking various vignettes around her home.  My favorites were the new mirror behind the bar, Savannah nautical chart under the glass in her coffee table and the chandelier sleeves in her kitchen.
And, while we made time to pour over our favorite rags, drink a couple of pots of Paris tea and eat high on the hog, overall our stay was just waaaay too short.
Next stop, The Villages, Florida to visit Nana P!
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