Oyster Fetish

Gracing my home in the form of mirrors, candle holders, oil paintings and even wine corks, it’s no secret that I have a oyster fetish.  So, I’m just over the moon with one of my newest additions to my oyster addiction…the oyster frame!

Living on the coast, Mother and Daddy-O frequently enjoy the gorgeously shelled bites and, as luck would have it, they also frequently save their shells.  Had they pulled these shenanigans when I was a teenager (you know, getting a doggie bag for their oyster shells), I would have been totally and completely mortified and never able to again step foot in oyster provisioning establishments all over the South.  But times have changed, and getting the call from the 912 area code that a new batch of shells have been added to the pile out back brings a whole new meaning to the aphrodisiac attributes of the oyster.  I just get GIDDY!

So, on a recent trip down South, Sister and I set out to craft oyster embellished frames for ourselves and bestie R aka the Acorn.  Here’s how…

1. We started with 5″x7″ frames from Wal Mart and gave them a quick coat, front and back, of gray spray paint.

2. Next we scoured the pile in the back for the most gorgeous of the lot to grace our frames.  We (read: Mother) thoroughly cleaned and dried them before proceeding.  Though, they were mostly clean after sitting in the sun for so long.

3.  With a generous dose of liquid nails for small projects, we set out attaching the shells to the frame.  The glue takes a long time to dry and thus makes the shells easy to reposition until you find the perfect lay out.  Keep in mind that you will want the frame to be able to stand up, so make sure the shells line up at the bottom.  Also, use a size larger frame than the picture you have, as the shells encroach on the picture viewing area.  So, I put a 4″x6″ photo in my 5″x7″ frame (with a white mat behind it.)

4.  Give the frame a week to dry.  I know, it seems extreme, but it took ours forever to set.  I assure you that it’s worth the wait.

This beauty found it’s permanent home (until it gets the boot for Halloween decor) on my recently created foyer table!  With that, I’m off to feed the littles and enjoy the day!

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6 thoughts on “Oyster Fetish

  1. I love it!! I am definitely going to make one, as soon as I can get my hands on some oyster shells (not too many floating around in Pa, though I'm from La- hence my love of this cute idea). I might even make a mirror of them.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great effect it gives to the frame. You have a really beautiful family, by the way! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share! I appreciate you stopping by!

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