Cowboy Party {Decor}

Okay, are y’all sick and tired of the cowboy party yet?  Cause I kinda am :-)  I assure you, this will be the last installment…a short and sweet recap of decor!

I printed out a pennant banner that spelled out “W… Corral” to hang across the driveway, and personalized Wanted Posters were nailed to the trees.

The Chuck Wagon sweets table was the coup de grace of the party.  Honey wove a wire through a bag of rope to form John’s name.  He hung it from the windows on the carriage style garage doors with suction cups.  And I spent a looong evening behind the sewing machine fashioning the ruffled burlap table skirt for my WalMart folding table.  I expect to get loads of use out of this dressed up table…both indoors and out!

The Chuck Wagon dining table was covered in kraft paper.  Hay bales served as extra (and much coveted) seating for the little cowboys.  Spray painted horses from the dollar store were scattered about the tables.

Yards and yards and yards of burlap, loads of bandannas, a handful of silver badges and positively gorgeous fall leaves rounded out the decor.

– Rope – Home Depot
– Hay bales – local farmer’s market
– Burlap –
– Bandannas and badges – Oriental Trading
– Horses – Dollar Tree

More details here:

And, before I leave you to your day, I want to request your prayers for my sweet nephew Bird.  He is in the hospital recovering from a surgery yesterday.  He spent the week in and out of the hospital and in a fair amount of pain.  He’s truly an angel on earth and one of the sweetest children I’ve ever known.


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