Cowboy Party {Invitations}

The PCP celebrated his birthday cowboy style this past Saturday, and for the rest of the week I’ll be sharing all the convivial details, sources and how-tos!!

I spent loads of time creating, tweaking and re-tweaking the invitations but it was sooo worth it!  They set the scene, scheme and theme for the entire affair.  We had a hoot brainstorming cowboy names for each invitee.  The envelopes were then appropriately addressed.

The fonts used were IFC RailroadAndrea Cursive and Felix Titling.

More details here:

The PCP has a holiday today and I couldn’t be happier!!!  We have grand plans to hang with Mother, Daddy-O, Sister and Bird all. day. long!!  (Now if only I can kick this bothersome sore throat…)

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7 thoughts on “Cowboy Party {Invitations}

  1. Love the invitations! Did you print them or have them printed?

    I was dying to see the pictures from the birthday party but alas they wouldn't load on my computer (which is a problem I have never had with your blog). Boo.

  2. Thanks so much ladies! I printed the invitations myself. For these I used Printing Press software. It's not super user friendly, in my opinion. But Sister and I used to have an invitation business and we learned and used their software back in the day. I printed these at home. More times than not, these days I often create the my invites in photoshop, save them as a jpg and then have them printed at…if you are looking for a good printing source.

    AND…I think I have fixed the pictures now. So check back and let me know if it worked!


  3. Thank you so much for posting your fonts that you used. We are planning to have a cowboy birthday party for our little guy, and I have been looking for ideas. I was wondering where did you find your cowboy and horse pictures (clips?) Thanks so much!!

  4. Hi Valerie – The horses were all free clip art files I found on the internet. I collected them from various sites, if I remember correctly. I'm sorry I didn't keep track of that to be able to share :-( Thanks so much for reading! Amanda

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