Mickey Mouse Party Tips

With the Mickey Mouse party all wrapped up and put away, I thought I’d share just a few how-to’s from the party before said how-to’s completely leave my brain.  This sure was a fun one to plan.  I can only hope the baby is still into such sweet things this time next year!

Mickey Mouse Invitations

You’ll need:
Black cardstock
Red cardstock
White cardstock
Circle cutter
Hole punch
Glue stick

1. Make a Mickey silhouette template and cut out of black cardstock.  For mine, I used a 4″ circle for the head and 2.25″ circles for the ears, making them slightly overlap the big circle.
2. Using a circle cutter or scissors, cut a 4″ circle out of red cardstock.  Cut it in half.  Glue it on the bottom half of the black Mickey silhouette to make his shorts.
3. Using a hole punch, make two white circles for the buttons.  Glue these to the red half circle shorts.
4. Make a template for your initial in a software like Word.  Print and cut out of white cardstock.  Glue on the black silhouette above the shorts.  I used the Brady Bunch font for mine in a 172pt font size.
5.  For the reverse side, create your text on the computer inside of a 3.75″ circle.  I used the Brady Bunch and Waltograph fonts.  I created a mouse head out of three small circles to dot the I and end the exclamation point.  Cut out your circles and glue on the reverse side of your Mickey silhouette.

Coloring Books
Ever since John’s first birthday party, I’ve loved making personalized coloring books for parties.  The trickiest part is figuring out how to set up the pages to run properly on your printer, but once I invested the time to set it up five years ago (oy vey!) it’s been easy to swap words and graphics here and there.  I used the Printing Press software only because Sister and I used to have a small invitation business and we purchased and learned the tool.  I am not recommending it because it’s difficult to use (maybe they all are??).  I would think that you could create a coloring book in a software like word.  Here are detailed shots of my pages…I came up with the wording, scoured the internet for clip art and used the same Waltograph font mentioned above.

Personalized downloadable coloring books available in my etsy shop!

Mickey Cupcakes

You’ll need:
Cupcakes (I use a box mix)
One regular size Oreo for each cupcake
Two mini-Oreos for each cupcake (these were in a “snack bag” on the cookie aisle of my Publix)
Ready made icing

1. Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled, spread icing on top.
2. Adhere regular sized Oreo to the top, affixed off-center towards the front side of the cupcake so that it’s slightly tilted forward.
3. Add two generous dollops of icing where ears will go.
4.  Adhere mini-Oreos to icing.

I found my cupcake liners at Michael’s.

With all the birthdays behind us, I’m ecstatic to have nothing on my to-do list!!  Yesterday did a short volunteer stint in the PCP’s class, went to the playground, met bestie S at Chick-fil-A for a lunch play date and then headed over to fun friend M’s house for a happy hour play date!!  Today Sister and Bird are on the agenda.  Like Mother says, a kid’s work is play.  And we all need days to just be kids…


PS. Yesterday I was Day 2 on Designer Garden’s Twelve Blogs of Christmas.  Y’all come visit over there!!

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  1. Wow – I love the coloring book idea…very creative! I also think it is funny that you refer to Cookie as "the baby". I still call my 5 1/2 year old "the baby" and I don't think I will ever stop either! Even his older brother will say things like "the baby is still asleep". I am sure if an outsider heard us they would swear we had an infant in the house!

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