New Orleans {Oysteria}

As promised in my shopping segment, I’m back with details on our most prized find of the long weekend dubbed “Oysteria Hysteria.”  You see, Sister, bestie R and I are all pretty much ga-ga over those magnificent molluscs.  After gifting us each a perfectly exquisite Oysteria ornament on our arrival, R took us in Mitch’s, his corner florist, to not only preview the drool inducing Oysteria service ware but to also meet the artists behind the line.  And “Oysteria Hysteria” was born… we were in a frenzy snapping up pieces left and right, giving nary a thought as to how we’d get it all home.

Native Louisianans, Monique Chauvin and Leslie Stidd Massony hand craft each and every gorgeous piece right there in New Orleans.  These two ladies were something else – I’m pretty sure I could have listened to their stories all day.  And while I have grand plans to exquisitely display the three pieces I had to make mine, I found it quite impressive that they are food safe, oven safe and microwave safe.  If only I had a service for twelve…

It’s no secret that I swoon for fabulous packaging.  The burlap bags tied with printed Oysteria ribbon absolutely had me week in the knees.

Find Oysteria in Mitch’s Flowers at 4843 Magazine Street, online here and on Facebook here.

Oysteria hysteria?  Indeed!

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