Phineas and Ferb Live

We surprised the littles today with tickets to Disney’s Phineas and Feb Live.

We love love love us some Phineas, Ferb, Special Agent P and Dr. Doof around these parts (as evidenced here, here and here.)
It was a fantastic show, filled with knee slapping, boot stomping fun (and just enough adult humor)!

The fun continued well into the afternoon when we met up with friends Jacob, Cae and Caleb and their parents for a late lunch at Taco Mac.  And, with the littles in bed, we wrapped up our day with date night with delish house made pasta and sauces (think Granny Smith Apple and Sage Sausage ravioli with a Sorrentina sauce of fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, mozzarella and olive oil) at Mirko Pasta.

All of that and I was only ever so slightly green that 95% of my friends spend their weekends with dolled up daughters at Nutcracker performances and Disney Princess shows :-)

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  1. My friends and I love love love your blog and are more than I little bit awed by all you do. Even though we don't comment all of the time please know that we are out there reading!

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