Snowman Soup {Printable}

UPDATE 12/18/12: See here for a NEW free printable file!

The PCP’s class holiday party consisted of four snow themed centers run by parent volunteers.  I seriously fretted over my center…looking up, mulling over and discussion countless ideas with Mother, Sister and Honey in search of one that took just the right amount of time (10-15 minutes), would be engaging for nineteen little kindergartners and wouldn’t break the bank.  In the end, I settled on Snowman Soup (hot chocolate mix) in a Snowman Cup.

I set up my station with a sign denoting the center and a poem explaining Snowman Soup.  (There are a bunch of these floating around on the internet.  I just couldn’t find the perfect one so I ended up writing my own.)

Snowman Soup
Snowman Soup warms you up on frosty nights.
One cup of hot water makes the mix just right.
There are sweet snowballs and two chocolate eyes.
Add the silly striped nose and then give it a try.
Use the peppermint stick to give your drink a stir.
Snowman Soup is perfect for the chilly winter!

The ingredients were set out in paper baskets with instructions on how many of each to add to the mix.

And then all the parts and pieces needed to decorate Snowman Cups were laid out on the table.

Snowman Soup

– Magic soup dust – hot chocolate mix

– Snowballs – mini marshmallows

– Snowman eyes – jumbo chocolate chips

– Snowman nose – Hershey’s Hug

– Stirring stick – candy cane

– bag and ribbon to tie

– Snowman Soup tags (printable below)

Read the poem to the students and then instruct them to make their soup mix by adding one magic soup dust, ten marshmallow snowballs, two chocolate chip snowman eyes, one silly striped snowman nose and a candy cane stirring stick to their mix.  Assist students with tying their bag and adding the tag.

Snowman Cups

– 16 oz. paper coffee cups (Party City)

– 2.5 inch white paper circles for snowman base

– 2 inch white paper circles for snowman head

– red felt hats – I used felt with sticky back to keep things as simple as possible.

– googly eyes – Again, I used the ones with sticky backs

– ribbon for scarf

– pom poms for buttons

– glue

– marker

Again, to keep this as quick and easy as possible, I pre cut everything for the kids – circles, hats and ribbon.  Start by gluing large circle to cup.  Top with small circle.  Stick on hat and eyes.  Glue on scarf and pom poms (the pom poms were hard to keep on).  Draw mouth and arms with marker.

Then we pushed the Snowman Soup mix down in the cup and added the candy cane stirring sticks!  The littles LOVED this and were so excited to take it home!!

The free downloadable file has everything you need – the center sign with poem, table tents for each ingredient in the soup and tags for the take home bags.

Snowman Soup
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Parents were also asked to provide a snack for the class and Frosty the S’more-man was perfect for the party theme.  Find instructions and the free printable here.

Other stations at the party were Snowman Cookies, Snowman Marshmallows on a Stick and Reindeer Food with a darling snowman cheeseball for snacking.  The littles had a ball!!

And the teachers presented each student with a darling personalized dry erase board for practicing their writing over the break.

The PCP immensely enjoyed his S’more-man and Soup for dessert that very night.  It seems like yesterday that we were starting school and here we are at winter break!  That whole time flying thing is really getting to me these days…


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