Never Before Seen

Let’s face it, I generally blog about the pretty places in my life.  But, after sharing my half done master bedroom, I though dang, why not just bare all for the world to see.    
Y’all just come on in.  There’s not a door in sight.  Surely bathroom doors were en vogue forty years ago.  Weren’t they?  There is a pocket door on the shower room but it’s broken beyond repair.  In fact, Honey feels pretty sure it never worked.  

Now, ladies, feast your eyes on this… it’s got to be one of a kind (and I’m trying to be kind here.)  I mean, before stepping foot into this bath, these two eyes had yet to see navy blue grout.  Or a bathing contraption like the behemoth that is my navy blue tub.  And the navy doesn’t stop there!  I am also the lucky owner of not one but two navy blue sinks.

When the towel bar falls off the wall in this bath, there is no need to patch the holes.  Or to put on outlet covers, apparently (though that can’t be safe can it?). 
The shower and potty area perfectly coordinate with the bath and sink area.  Except it’s in reverse.  Yep, my shower boasts navy blue tile with white grout.  And loads of brass.  Fancy, no?

And check out the sideways handle bar.  I don’t even want to know what that’s for.  The shower came with all those random hooks.  And squeegies.  Two of them, in fact.
This might just be the best feature of the whole bath.  The navy blue potty!!!  With a white seat (it seems navy blue seats are hard to come by these days.)  At least it’s new and I can definitively say that I personally know all hineys that have graced that part of the throne.

The t.p. roller fell off the wall at least a year ago.  It’s funny how unmotivated we are to fix things in this bathroom.  So, the paper lives on the floor.

In all seriousness, once you get past the navy, white and brass hideousness that is my bath, it really does have a lot going for it.  It’s crazy spacious for a house built in the sixties.  It’s got a great layout and it has loads of natural light.  And, it backs up to an extra closet in the PCP’s bedroom that could be stolen to gain even more square footage!
Sometime way, way (too far) down the road I think our bad bad bath has plenty potential to be quite a looker.  I envision loads of carrera marble, a pedestal tub, nickel hardware, a steam shower and evidently (based on the pics I’ve been pinning) an arch over the tub!
So, for the next ten years or so, I suppose I’ll just pin about one gazillion drool inducing inspirations on Pinterest and busy myself with cheaper projects that fuel my admitted instant gratification issues.  And when I do tackle it, you can bet your bottom dollar it will make for the best before and after photos ever :-)
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13 thoughts on “Never Before Seen

  1. I love this! I am sorry, but I just had to laugh! Our master bathroom is my most hated room in the house. We bought a lovely home from 1999 that had a kitchen remodel in 2009 and the basement was finished in 2007, so most of the home is up to date…..but then there is the bathroom. I almost feel as though I need shower shoes in there! And we are lucky to have carpet on our bathroom floors!!! Yuck. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm sure you will have it looking beautiful in no time! We have been in our home for 8 years and i STILL haven't worked on decorating my bedroom nicely, just can't seem to decide on anything i like. Good luck and can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. It's so awful, I just can't help but to laugh. I must say–it's clean. So is there any hope of water or mold damage so insurance can help pay for a remodel??? Did I really just say that???

  4. I could either laugh or cry, so I too laugh. The water damage/mold thing never occurred to me…who knows what scarier things could be lurking under that already pretty terrifying tile :-)

  5. You know, it really looks like a huge space so once you are ready to remodel you will be able to have your dream bathroom! I am sure you will make it beautiful! It's funny, my house was built in 1999 and yet I have that shiny brass on my shower stall too! It's amazing how fast a bathroom can become dated! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. I too am rolling over laughing at your descriptions of that one of a kind bathroom. We inherited a guest bath that is the next big project. It was made for littles for sure. You desend into a full squat for the toilet, the tub is so low the water level can only be a few inches, and the lovely creme and light blue "cultured"??marble counter is just above my knees? I am dreaming a dream with the marble and a heated floor? Raleigh winters aren't warm
    enough for tiled floors.

  7. Think we have all been there girl! Don't we all have those "undone" rooms in our homes? I sure do!! thanks for sharing and keeping it real :-)

  8. Oh, boy! I didn't know navy blue grout even existed. I'm not sure it should… ;) I can't wait to see what you end up doing with this. We live with one bathroom tiled in bubblegum pink, while the other is tiled in a less offensive off white… but has a pink tub and toilet. Argh! :)

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