A No-No

I am afraid this post will make some of you cringe…a few years back, Mother travelled to China and brought back these gorgeous hand carved plaques from an antique store near the Great Wall in Beijing.  The were promised to be hundreds of years old and taken from a bed.  (Can you imagine?!?!)

February 2012 226

As you well know, I am in the throes of a little guest suite gussy-up and, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, the plaques were not left unharmed.  Rather, they received a fresh new coat of duck egg blue, natch.  That’s right gals.  My name is Amanda and I maimed two who-knows-how-old antique relics from China just so they’d look  pretty in my guest room.

March 2012 332

Seriously, I positively mad for the new do!  After all, it was either a fresh coat of paint or the rest of eternity in the bowels of my closet.

Just a few more tweaks in the room and I’ll be ready to share!!

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9 thoughts on “A No-No

  1. Looks great! I am the same way about painting over stuff, but really whats the point of having it if you are not going to display it? If it doesn't suit your style you know it is going to just sit in a box somewhere taking up space. At least this way they can be appreciated.

  2. LOL!!! Amanda you are hilarious! I'm so with you that it was better to spruce them up so that they could be enjoyed than have them in storage forever. I think they look beautiful and maybe you could just pretend that they were originally that color and you were just "restoring" them! :-)

  3. love what you did with them and you crack me up!!! I have that blue color on our master bedroom quilt and am considering trying that duck egg blue on my Lane hope chest that sits at the foot of my bed and has the original cheesy design I picked out when I was 16. Might be sending you some pics for advice before I destroy a keepsake piece of furniture :)

  4. My guess is the age of these 'antiques' was grossly exaggerated. I've heard that happens in china frequently. They look great regardless.

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