Southern Belle Farm

We made our annual berry pickin’, animal visitin’, picnicin’ trek down to Southern Belle Farm this week and enjoyed a splendid day of good clean country fun just an hour away from city.  With the PCP at school, we brought our sweet neighbors A and C along for the day! 
April 2012 862 copy
We each picked two gallons of the ripest, juiciest strawberries you could ever wrap your lips around…
April 2012 823 copy
April 2012 807 copy
April 2012 866 copy
We visited the horses, donkey, goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens and cows…
April 2012 834 copy
April 2012 839 copy
April 2012 847 copy
We laid out our blanket and lingered over a picnic lunch…well, A and I lingered while the littles ran wilder than the animals…
April 2012 854 copy
And we wrapped up our day with homemade, farm fresh strawberry ice creamApril 2012 855 copy
If you go:
– We’ve tried other berry picking spots around Atlanta and Southern Belle is our very fave!  It’s right at an hour drive from just north of the city.
– Call before you go!  After a big day of berry picking, they may stay closed the next day to let more ripen and they are not open when raining.
– Berries are sold by the gallon – this year strawberries are $10 per gallon.  They sell gallon buckets for picking for $1 each and they can be reused for blackberries and all future visits.
– They only take cash and checks.
– There are often field trips during the week and there are some activities reserved for just those on field trips.  You might want to warn you littles in advance that they will not be able to go on the cow train, giant trampoline or tractor ride.  This stuff is probably available on the weekend, if you are interested in that.
– Take a picnic lunch and a blanket.  The picnic tables are usually filled up with students but there are plenty of grassy spots to enjoy your lunch.
– Take a couple of quarters if your littles want to feed the goats!
– Save some room for the homemade ice cream.  It’s $3 for a giant cup!

It’s days like these that are what being a mommy is all about!

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7 thoughts on “Southern Belle Farm

  1. looks like fun! i'm going to be nosey here…what type of camera do you use? your pictures are always so good. i'm curious as to whether or not you lug a big camera around all the time or if you have a really good pocket camera!!! thanks :)

  2. I so enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what your sweet family is doing. Those strawberries look marvelous. We are a full 2 months from picking them here. We still get freezing temps at night- xo Diana

  3. Becki – only the one in the salty dog tee is mine! The other is a good friend. People think they are twins all the time!!

    Anonymous – I use a Nikon D90 and I DO lug it around all the time. Every time I decide not to, I regret it because it just takes such good pics. That being said, I've been wanting a great point and shoot for a while so let me know when you find one!

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