Back-to-School Backyard Bash

We hosted a little back-to-school backyard bash this afternoon for a hand full of John’s first grade buddies…think ice cream sundaes, slip ‘n sliding and a gaggle of water gun wielding, sugared up six year olds!  I didn’t do a single solitary thing to prep for this shindig until about noon – which makes me pretty darn proud of myself for not over-thinking or over-doing it for a change :-)
first grade2

Honey pulled the baby’s old changing table out of the attic and we set it up as the dessert/drink station.  I expect to get a lot of use out of the “first grade” bunting!  The red buckets came from the PCP’s room and the vintage milk bottles are the same Starbucks Frappucino bottles I keep using at every party shown on this blog.
August 2012 383 copy August 2012 388 copy August 2012 397 copy August 2012 382 copy August 2012 398 copy August 2012 405 copy

I rigged up a little photo booth using left over fabric from the porch and cut the props out of clip art and taped them to dowel rods.  I fully intended to get individual photos of all the boys but they were stripping down to their swimsuits pretty much the second they disembarked their cars so there really wasn’t a chance.
August 2012 377 copy August 2012 379 copy August 2012 411 copy August 2012 414 copy August 2012 408 copy August 2012 441 copy

The boys had a rollicking good time slipping on the slip ‘n slide, flying on the zip line, dousing each other with water guns and making big bubbles – such a great way to bid farewell to summer!
August 2012 396 copy August 2012 400 copy August 2012 402 copy August 2012 404 copy August 2012 420 copy August 2012 423 copy August 2012 425 copy August 2012 427 copy
And so went the last hurrah before school on Monday!!  Needless to say, my littles were out like lights!

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15 thoughts on “Back-to-School Backyard Bash

  1. Hi Amanda! Darling as usual! I noticed your play set canopy in one of the pics…. Have you ever posted on that? It looks like you might have made that??!! Super cute, would love any deets :) thanks!
    – Amanda

  2. I was just about to sell our daughter's white changing table, but I love how you used yours as a little party buffet line. You have me thinking twice about keeping mine for future gatherings. :)

  3. What a cute party idea and I love how you just whipped it up so quickly! I was thinking of inviting some classmates over before school starts so maybe I will use some of your ideas! School doesn't start until Sept. 6th up here. Congrats on the etsy shop!

    Your blog is so lovely…do you have twitter or fb??

    If you want some cute Swedish décor inspiration, check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  5. This is so great! Looks like a blast!!!! I hope you will link this up to The CSI Project this week starting tomorrow night. The challenge is Back to School. Come see the tutorials each day and link up! You just might win!
    Each week is a new challenge!

  6. Do you have an amazing printer? Not sure mine can keep up with all these projects and I am looking to purchase a new one!

  7. No, I wouldn't call my printer fabulous. It's a canon pixma and is just okay. I have a lot of things printed at Kinkos or just print out letters on white paper and use scrapbook papers to back them :-)

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