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Y’all, I am so very excited to be room mom for the PCP’s class this year!!  You see, last year I no earthly idea how you’d score a job like this and to say I was slightly devastated when the teacher announced her room mom would be an understatement.  So, at our Meet & Greet this year, I immediately sought out the sign up sheet and scrawled my name on it as fast as I could.

I’ve attended my training (can you believe there is such a thing??) and have met with Mrs. B to find out her needs and expectations for the year.  I’ve collected class dues, put together a directory, been in to take pictures for their teddy bear reading day aaaaaand set up a class web page.  Whew!  I’m thinking it should be downhill from here, right?!?!

So, while I’m sure this room mom gig is old hat for many of you out there, in the event that you’re a first timer like me, I thought I’d share some of the details of the aforementioned tasks.

I collected for each student their name, phone number, address, subdivision, parents names and e-mails and their approval to list it in the directory.  I compiled it all in an excel sheet along with some of Mrs. B’s favorite things and distributed it back to the class.  If you’d like the file, just email me and I’m happy to share!
directory1 directory2
Class Web Site:
Shutterfly has the best class sites – for FREE!  Look here for more information.   It was pretty easy to set up and will be a great resource for volunteer activities, sharing pictures and keeping the calendar straight.

Home Page
Picture and Video Sharing
Class List
Sign Ups for Field Trips, Class Events, etc.


And I couldn’t hardly leave you without a pic I snapped of the PCP reading with “his” Braves bear.  If you recall, this is actually the baby’s friend that he proudly adopted at Build-a-Bear.  It was quite a shock to said baby when he got to brother’s class and saw his bear…
August 2012 596
So, there you have it… I’ve shared 100% of my meager knowledge on being class mom.  I’m sure there will be more to come throughout the year :-)

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22 thoughts on “Room Mom

  1. I can't stop laughing picturing cookie's face seeing his bear with jj!!!

    Please send me all room mom stuff…please!!!


  2. Wow! I don't know how you find the time for all you do! Love the class website! I am actually happy to NOT be room parent this year for a change ;) But if I were, I would totally make a website like that! Fantastic :)

  3. Have been reading your blog for a good while now and never commented. I do believe you were born to be a room mom. You are so organized and have a true attention to detail in everything you do. I am sure the teacher will be very happy with her selection!

  4. You are the perfect room mom!!!! I was for Faith's Kindergarten class last year and did the shuttefly share site and it was the BEST thing ever for all the things you mentioned! Makes coordianting/communicating/etc. so easy peasy! Everyone was great about posting pics and at the end of year, I was able to make a video for each kid with all of the shared features with shutterfly's new videogram and it took all of 5 min. to create!

  5. Let us know in May if you still like your job! – HA!

    Mrs. B needs to kiss the ground you walk on! As a former teacher who had NO parent support (which in some ways was good) I would have loved having you around!

  6. I've been checking out your blog since you guest blogged for House of Turquoise back in July. Anyway, I'm room mom for my two older kids and had never seen the shutterfly site. It looks awesome and really easy to use unlike sign up genius which…blech. My question is, did anyone at your son's school have any privacy concerns? I sent the idea to my daughter's teacher and she's clearing with our principal who is on the paranoid side. I thought if I could give her comfort that other schools in the metro think it's okay, she might okay it. Thanks!

  7. Susannah – when I collected info for the directory parents indicated if they wanted to have their child's info and pics published. The site is secured only to parents and the must create a login and pswd to access. Only the teacher and I can add users. I believe parents can also choose on the site if they want their kid's pics tagged, etc. I've only received good feedback and it seems very secure!

  8. I was STRESSing over being room mom! But, read your post today and now "Mrs. Clark's Fourth Grade" is up and running on Shutterfly! Thank you soooo much! Looking forward to lots of other GREAT ideas from you as the yr. goes on. It's a little humbling, as you are so many yrs. my junior. My kiddos are 9,9, and 11. And, this is my first yr. as room mom! Oh, the shame! ;)

  9. I was STRESSing about being room mom, but then I read your post this morn. Now, "Mrs. Clark's Fourth Grade" is up and running on Shutterfly! Thank you SOOOO much! I look forward to many more wondermous ideas as the year goes on. Which is humbling, considering you are several yrs. my junior. My peanuts are 9,9, and 11. This is my first yr. as RM. Oh, the shame;)

  10. Your second happiest day is becoming room mom, but your HAPPIEST day is when it is over! You are well on your way to having a great (extremely organized) year!!! Your teacher is very lucky!!!
    McCall Manor

  11. I had not planned to sign up for room mom, but after Meet the teacher was almost over and no one had signed up, I went ahead and filled in my name… I have NO idea what to do and I haven't even talked to the teacher yet!! Thanks for the suggestions and I think I will send the teacher an email tomorrow!

  12. Glad that Cookie took seeing his bear in school so well! My mind's eye pictures him going over to J and cracking him on the head, then ripping the bear out of his arms and running…………..then the 2 of them tussling on the circle time rug! And then you in your Lily-pink outfit trying to break them up! Relieved it's just in my mind's eye! (But it did give me a good laugh.)

  13. What a perfect job for you Amanda. Congrats on grabbing the position! We have to enter a lottery at our school to become class mom. I haven't done it yet because every year I co-chair an event at the end of September that takes up all my free time during the month – and September is a very busy time for the class mom. Have fun!

  14. Wow. I totally thought this was the kind of stuff an organized teacher would do. I had no idea they want/expect parents to help out and do this kind of stuff.

    I suspect kndergarden next year is going to be a real eye opener for us!

  15. I went to check out the Snapfish site and I am in love. :) Can't tell you how awesome it's going to be for our Soccer Team kicking off this week as well. LOVE IT!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. So glad I saw this because I was just asked by my son's kindergarten teacher to be room mom! Even though I'm an "older" mom, I'm kind of overwhelmed because all of this school stuff is new territory for me! We just started school in Savannah Monday, so haven't been to "training" yet, but would appreciate you sharing your files! I will be checking out Shutterfly too! Thanks for these great ideas and please blog more room mom posts in the future! Thanks again!

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