Shark Week Spaghetti

As all moms of boys (and I’m talking about all of ‘em – age 6 to 96) are likely aware, it’s the most fascinatingly gory time of the year on the Discovery Channel – the 25th anniversary of SHARK WEEK.  My littles have been tuned in night after night, bite after bite and are soaking it all up like little sponges.  I’ve been completely inundated with so many “Did you knows…” and “Can you believes…” that I honestly know more about the alpha male of the ocean than I ever, in all my days, could have EVER wanted to be privy to.
shark week survival guide
Sooooo…this brings me to the fun little shark inspired spaghetti we dined on earlier in the week.  This literally took no more than a few minutes to throw together and was a meglaodon of a success!August 2012 539 copy August 2012 543 copy August 2012 542 copy
Shark Spaghetti
1. Cook spaghetti according to package directions.  Honey did the grocery shopping this week so we were using white spaghetti rather than whole wheat – which honestly probably worked better anyway.
2. Drain pasta and return to pot.  Add a little olive oil and blue food coloring.  Stir well.  Add more food coloring as needed.
3. Cut loaf of french bread to look like shark teeth.  I used a food safe marker to draw the teeth and then a very sharp knife to cut them out.  I stuck an edible eyeball on (by Wilton) with a dollop of cream cheese.
August 2012 529
4. Drizzle spaghetti sauce over blue noodle water to look like blood.  Ew, gross, I know.

Shark Swarm Cupcakes
I made a box of cupcakes for our first day of school party and froze the extras before icing.  I just popped two out of the freezer for a few hours, iced and decorated with sprinkles.  Stick in a few shark gummies with toothpicks and call it a swarm!
August 2012 546 copy
Fins up, y’all!

PS. Shark Week definitely gets a bit gory at times.  We watch more of the informational/documentary type shows with the PCP and help explain the things he sees.  We also have an agreement that Mommy can change the channel at any time if it gets to be too much for her :-)

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14 thoughts on “Shark Week Spaghetti

  1. How adorable! We watched a few episodes so far. The kids were especially excited because just this past weekend we watched people fishing at the beach and they had just caught a few baby sharks right before we got there. They had to throw them back so all we saw were the pictures but needless to say, the kids were thrilled! I hope that Shark Week doesn't make them afraid of swimming in the ocean though!

  2. So Cute! Who would ever have known that little miss Girly-Pink- Never-Sweat-BalletLoving-TutuWearing-EverythingJustSo-Amanda would become so good at thinking up "snips & snails & puppy-dog tails" types of things.

  3. So funny, your comment about boys and Shark Week, because it is so true! My oldest, at 27 years old, literally gets excited about Shark Week on Discovery. Love your Shark dinner, cute idea for your cute boys.

  4. It sounds like our little guys would get along just fine since mine are completely obsessed with Shark Week too! From the second I leave in the morning for work at Dish till the moment I step foot in the door at home, they are still glued to the TV. I was scanning through our DVR the other day and there were heaps of recordings scheduled and, I kid you not, each show had the word “shark” in the title! At least it’s educational, right? ;) Besides, we have the Hopper DVR, with more than enough recording space to accommodate their shark obsession. I can’t wait to make this spaghetti for them! It’s going to make me the coolest mom ever!

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