The Baby’s Portrait + Ramsign Winner

Do y’all remember back in September when I dolled up the baby for his three year formal portrait?  Well, Mother and I picked it up last week and I am just speechless.  It perfectly captures his precious personality and fleeting innocence, and I can’t help but smile every time I walk past it in the dining room.  We’ve been anxiously saving his spot for three years!

November 2012 335 copy

November 2012 353 copy

November 2012 355 copy

John’s portrait was done at the very same age, in front of the very same fence, in a very similar outfit (I wanted them to each have one to pass down) three short (but so long in many ways) years ago.  I will treasure these.  Always.

And while I have the baby on my mind, I have to share an exchange from earlier in the week…  While he was cutting paper at the kitchen table (a “job” he takes very seriously and performs so many times a day that it’s a wonder I have anything left to write on), I reminded him that we need to clean up the play room before bed.

Photo: On telling Whit we need to go clean up the playroom before bed... "Mommy I very busy and I not a octopus."

To which he replied in his practiced and most authoritative voice “Mommy I very busy and I not a octopus.”  And I’m outsmarted by the baby.  Again!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone that entered my Ramsign giveaway!  I loved reading what numbers you’d choose and what styles were your favorites.  So, without further ado, the lucky winner (by way of random number generation) is… drumroll please…

Christine of Sweet Girl Design!!  It just so happens that I adore her choice (not that it’s binding or anything) “Love the Metropolitan – that blue is gorgeous! I would get “4” for my 4 boys – it would be terrible to leave such a pretty sign behind if I ever moved!! :)”  

CoNgRaTs!!!  Look for an email from me lickety split!

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7 thoughts on “The Baby’s Portrait + Ramsign Winner

  1. The baby's portrait is adorable! and what a great spot to highlight both of them. So funny, when you mentioned the paper cutting, I thought you were going to say that he cut his own hair! My older son did that when he was around that age and it was not a neat job either! Have a nice weekend!

  2. "Mommy I very busy and I not a octopus."

    I believe I'll try using that line myself. Thats adorable…and smart! The portraits are beautiful.

  3. Amanda, your boys portraits are adorable – loving your beautiful dining room!
    That's so awesome that I won the Ramsign giveaway!! I still love the Metropolitan blue w/the number "4" – the sign is definitely a keeper!! Thank you :)

  4. Your sweet little ones portrait is just beautiful! I love that both of your children's portrait are displayed together! Just lovely!!!
    Your dining room is exquisite!

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