3rd Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Scout + Mickey

Our friendly family elf, Scout, is back once again for the holiday season!!!  He flew in last night and worked his little elfin fingers to the bone preparing perfectly elf-sized portions of breakfast favorites for our third annual Scout’s Snowflake Breakfast.  And this year, the jolly little elf teamed up with our favorite mouse to announce a grand surprise for the littles…
November 2012 575 copy

November 2012 580 copy

…we’re headed to DiSnEy WoRlD in SIX dAyS!!!!!

November 2012 599 copy

Scout donned his very own set of miniature ears for the affair and dazzled the littles with his requisite elfin sized eats.  All of the decor was left over from the baby’s Mickey Mouse birthday party so it was a snap to pull together and Scout didn’t spend a dime (hear that Honey??)!

November 2012 582 copy November 2012 603 copy

Mother made the positively DARLING stockings for the littles.  We’ll use these for their “Messages from Mickey” treats while staying at the mouse house.

November 2012 578 copy

November 2012 585 copy

Mickey silhouettes dressed up mini fruit cups.

November 2012 587 copy

I used toothpicks to stick donut holes (Trader Joes) to mini powdered donuts (Publix).

November 2012 589 copy

Scout always brings tiny strawberry yogurt cups topped with granola and they are always a hit.  Mini apples were too cute to pass up when I spied them in Trader Joes.

November 2012 591 copy

Mini ego waffles were stuck together with toothpicks to make Mickey heads.  I ever so briefly thought about making mini Mickey pancakes, but quickly realized just how early that would require me to wake up and nipped that idea right in the bud.

November 2012 593 copy

November 2012 621 copy

November 2012 596 copy

November 2012 598 copy November 2012 636 copy

To say the littles were excited would be an incredible understatement.  They came into the kitchen totally unsuspecting…

November 2012 625

November 2012 631

…and were still in disbelief even after we confirmed that he “read it right”!
November 2012 629  November 2012 632

November 2012 642

November 2012 644
I might as well warn y’all now that this blog is going to be busting at the seams with all things MICKY MOUSE for the next couple of weeks. :-)

SIX days, y’all!!

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24 thoughts on “3rd Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Scout + Mickey

  1. Yay, you will be in MY town! We are actually going to Mickey's Christmas Party next Thursday evening to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary! I know the little's will have a blast and can't wait to see what you have created along the way. You are amazing, Amanda!!!!

  2. We just got back from Disney World two days ago. You are going to LOVE all things Christmas at Disney! My girls loved the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Make sure to check out AllEars.net for trips and tricks for Disney at Christmas time :)ya'll have fun!

  3. What a cute breakfast!! Love your Elf sized Mickey ears! Looking forward to reading your Mickey updates and seeing pictures! Hope ya'll have an amazing time at Mickey's Christmas Party!

  4. What a cute breakfast! Love your elf sized Mickey ears! Looking forward to seeing your Disney updates on your blog and pictures! Hope ya'll have an amazing time!

  5. Can't wait to hear all about it. We are headed back for our 3rd straight year in January. I'll bet it will be extra magical in December!

  6. We went last year the week before Christmas for the first time ever. It is the most magical time of the year to go. They kiddos will love it and you will love it even more than they will! The castle lights and Osborne lights are just to amazing for words.

  7. I actually stumbled across your blog in the spring when I was looking for Disney ideas for our summer trip… love, love that you're doing a 6 day countdown! Can't wait to see what else you do.

  8. No fair! Our elf, Bernard, didn' t bring us a disney trip this morning!!! ;-) Lucky ducks!! That table was so exciting for me, I wanted to be sitting at it!!!

  9. I'm a huge fan of your blog and I also follow you on Pinterest, so I was wondering if you were planning a Christmas Disney trip with some of your recent pins. Have a wonderful, magical time! We're big Disney fans and Christmas time at the happiest place on earth is truly the best! I can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

    And is there any way possible your mom would make those Mickey stockings to sell? I'd love for my boys to have some!

  10. We're on our way in the morning! Just sprung the news after suffering a devastating loss in the SEC Championship. No way I could take the anticipation for 6 whole days!! It's an "Only Child Last Hurrah" for our little man…baby sister arives February 7th! We'll let Mickey know the littles are on their way….

  11. I have to say you certainly go all out on your place settings. I love to come and get ideas. The mickey shirts are just so cute. Have fun.

  12. I love their faces when they saw the table all dressed up!!! We just got back from Mickey's California house…such fun at Christmastime! :-)

  13. So fun!!! Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is amazing!

    One question…how do you manage to keep the fabric on your chairs clean with 2 little boys (especially with powdered donuts, lol)? I have 2 daughters (5 and 3) and want to do something similar but I'm terrified, lol!

  14. Oh, what FUN it is! Lucky little guests to share at this special table! LOVE LOVE LOVE your imagination.
    Happy Christmas to all,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. Super Cute! I am a huge Disney fan, too. Our entire family is going to DW in November. We are so excited. Thank you for sharing your adorable ideas.

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