HO HO HO {Free Printable} + The Baby’s Party

I sent the PCP to school with a treat for his teacher and a handwritten note recognizing that coming to school and caring for her room full of first graders this week was probably just as hard as it was for us to send him off to school each day. The gift bag was simple, but contained some of her favorite things – a Coca-Cola and a bag of Oreo’s!
December 2012 022 copy
December 2012 020 copy
The red bag is from WalMart and I printed the label on full page label paper.  These could be cut down if you need something smaller.  To download the FREE printable HO HO HO tag (with and without the Coke and Oreo message), just click here!

Changing gears, the baby’s class held their sweet little holiday party yesterday and dazzled us with all sorts of Christmas songs. As usual, Whit actually sang nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
December 2012 037 copy
He did smile sweetly pretty much throughout the show…
December 2012 028
…went ahead and laid down when all that smiling evidently exhausted him…
December 2012 029 copy
…and finally joined in with the class as they wrapped up the show with Rockin Around the Christmas Tree!  (He almost successfully completely hides himself behind the little one in the red vest the entire time.)

He was terribly proud of his performance afterwards :-)
December 2012 034
How his teachers finagle shows like this with a crew full of three and four year olds is “one secret I’ll never know”! (To steal a phrase from the infamous and sorely missed Gossip Girl.)

8 thoughts on “HO HO HO {Free Printable} + The Baby’s Party

  1. Well, Cookie was just too cutesmiling his big smile. And not doubt all that cuteness just plum wore him out! And he really was dancing!

  2. what a beautiful picture of you and all of your boys! :)
    and thanks for the laugh!! i love that pic of him laying down too funny!!! SOO sweet and adorable! and that was such a nice thing to bring for the teacher! i'm sure she loved it!! too cute! just adore your blog! Xoxox

  3. Soooo stinkin' cute!!! Thanks SO much for sharing–my 'littles' are now 27 and 30, and I so miss those sweet innocent days!!!

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