SPOILER ALET: Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know the handsome and enviable Matthew was going to be killed off in the season finale of Downton Abbey?!?! I mean, I really cannot come up with words to express my supreme disappointment. I immediately booted up my computer to find some answers – I mean WHY would they do that??? Well, it seems he wanted off the show and that was their only way to make it happen. UGH. I have just five words for him… the grass is always greener.

Speaking of Downton, did you see the fantastic party printables at Tatertots & Jello? I wish I’d had a good reason to use them but it seemed a little over the top (even for me) to string them up around my bedroom while I laid here by myself to watch the finale.

The student council at the PCP’s school sold lollipop Valentine’s to be delivered on the big day.  The PCP sent a few to kids in his class and besties in other classes and came home with one himself…  From our family friend Jacob: “You are my best frend”.  awwww

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The baby’s fourth birthday party was featured at Hostess with the Mostess!  I mean, that’s only like the best party planning blog EVER :-)  I was beyond excited to his smiling face in my blog roll.  (See all the details here)

Creative Tool Time Party {4th Birthday}

Photo from HostessBlog

Daddy-O has come up to Savannah with a trunk load of oranges straight from my parent’s next door neighbor’s yard on his last three visits.  They are simply the very best oranges I’ve ever wrapped my lips around.  I made fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast one morning and the baby said it best when he exclaimed “Mommy!  This is the BEST thing I’ve never had!”

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Another success in the kitchen has been Oh Sweet Basil’s Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas.  I’ve made them twice over the last month and they are divine!  They were so good, in fact, that they were the chosen meal for our “prepare a meal for someone who doesn’t expect it” Lenten activity.

Photo from Oh Sweet Basil

On the flip side of successful foodie finds would be the salt and vinegar kale chips I made for snack last week.  Let it suffice to say they have nothing on Lay’s.  (In retrospect I am wondering why on earth I thought I’d like them in the first place.)

photo 5 (9)

I received the sweetest email and shot out from Amelia at Monograms ‘n Mud yesterday.  I was completely humbled at her kind words and then completely wowed by her blog.  I die at her basement – full of DIY goodness and totally my style…

Photo from Monograms ‘n Mud

I ate lunch at Zoes Kitchen for the first time this week and it was SO yummy!  I had the half sandwich (chicken salad) and half salad (greek minus olives) and was super happy with the meal.  It felt good to break out of our “errand day” Chick-fil-A lunch rut.

With that, I’m off to “nuggle” the baby before feeding him his usual three breakfasts and coercing him into helping me fold the four loads of laundry piled up all over our bedroom.

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13 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yes, I had read that Dan Stephens wanted out of his contract so I thought he would be killed off as I cannot see anyone else playing Matthew. But it was incredibly sad at how they did it. I just read the next series of DA will open six months after Matthew's death. I am WAY to caught up in this series….it is like I know these people.:)

    Will be trying your enchilada recipe…sounds yummy. And I do like your Lenten cards. I am still trying to finish up 26 acts of kindness in remembrance of the children killed in Connecticut. It is fun to surprise people with a kind act!

  2. I was talking about Downton Abbey with my mother in law and sister in law last night. I told them I thought that they would miraculously revive Matthew and he would be alive next season…that maybe he just looked dead. They looked at me like I was crazy. I guess they were right. One thing is for sure…they are not afraid to kill off a main character. And new little niece that is coming to live with them already gets on my nerves. I wonder when the next season starts…

  3. I was shocked because I had no clue he wanted off the show either. I was devastated but it was quite the shocker at the finale.

    Like Arlene said, I feel so attached to these characters like I know them! I laugh at things they say while my husband just looks at me. He doesn't "know" them like I do so he doesn't get their "wit"!

    I can't imagine what will happen now but I can see Mary becoming quite a bit more snotty!

  4. I was up until 1 this morning catchin up on the past 2 weeks of Downton. I had no idea Matthew was going to die so you're not alone on that boat.

    Congrats on the party feature. I'll have to swing over there to check it out.

    And of course, I was shocked to see my lil old basement on your blog….you're a Dear!


  5. I cannot tell you how irritated I am that he would leave the series that way. I know he has every right to do what he wants, but COME ON. I am so upset about it. And that's ridiculous, too. Ha!

  6. ugh, i'm SOOOOO upset that they killed him off! there goes my eye candy! i know he wanted out, but they keep killing major characters off and i hate it! i mean, go kill of an unlikable/minor character instead of him! haha!

  7. Congrats on the feature. Your parties are always adorable! I couldn't read the comment on Downton Abbey because my crazy neighbors are insisting that I watch that show. So now I plan on catching up on all the seasons…in my spare time – ha! And I must try the enchiladas. I am in a cooking rut lately and need something new to try! Have a great day!

  8. I love your comment about hosting a little Downton Party for yourself in your own bedroom. HA HA I keep telling myself to comment on here because I love your blog and not having children of my own yet, I can live vicariously through your blog posts. I look forward to reading them and I think you have a keen eye for design. Keep up the inspiration! Thanks!

  9. No you're not the only one. When they 1st showed the trailer for the series, I was SO excited!!! The time era I love. As of yet, I still haven't seen one episode. I'll have to buy the seasons to catch up.

    Your blog is so cute to read. I know what it's like living in a house with 3 boys (1 being my hubby:))

    I want to try the enchiladas soon. They look great!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  10. I'm a Zoe's lover too and recommend you try the Grilled Feta Sandwich. It's not officially on the menu anymore, but they always make it for me when I ask. And the slaw…I could eat there everyday! I've never commented on your blog before, but I love all your creative ideas and envy your energy!

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