Summer Porch

The pollen is gone and the porch has been fluffed and readied for summer!

May 2013 372 copy

The itty bitty shrubs we planted last year have knocked my socks off.  I’ve finally had planting success…take that, black thumb!  Would you believe I nearly dug up the hostas because I forgot I planted them and thought they were weeds when I saw the first shoots coming up?!?! 

May 2013 375 copy

May 2013 374 copy

Y’all come on in and sit for a spell!  I’ve branched out of my usual low maintenance potato vine for a few colorful flowers.

May 2013 351 copy

Nothing has changed since I first shared the reveal last summer.  We did decide to go ahead and put screens up – probably in the next couple of weeks!

May 2013 360 copy

May 2013 366 copy

May 2013 323 copy

I adore our new beverage tub compliments of HKL Designs!!  Tricia was able to create my custom monogram in vinyl!!!!  I cannot tell you how exciting this is!

May 2013 324 copy

May 2013 364 copy

May 2013 365 copy

This bed was previously overrun with monkey grass and lord knows what else – probably snakes and spiders from the way it looked.  We moved the fountain from our old house (much to Honey’s dismay at its ton-age).  Honey dug up all of the monkey grass and we planted a few hostas.  They are babies now, but I have high hopes that they will be big and lush this time next year.

May 2013 371 copy

For more details and source information than you’d ever want to know, see my original post.

I do believe I’ll take my coffee outside today.  It’s summertime in the South, y’all!

Flattered for the features at No Minimalist Here and French Country Cottage!

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50 thoughts on “Summer Porch

  1. Beautiful Amanda! I love all the new touches and that beverage tub is adorable! Enjoy the weather down there. We are heading "down the shore" as we say in NJ and it's 50 degrees and rainy! Oh well! Have a nice weekend!
    Cheers – Shelley

  2. Lovely porch Amanda….Love the painting that you have hanging……Beautiful landscape and trellis…Is that Confederate Jasmine? I have some that I planted last year growing on my picket fence.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yes it's confed jasmine – has to be the best plant under the sun…easy to grow, good lookin and smells divine :-). I would have it growing all over the place if I could!! xo

  3. Beautiful! And yes, the hostas will surprise you year after year. Ours are now HUGE! And, our jasmine on our porch railings is in full bloom as well. So easy to grow and the smell is heavenly while sitting on the porch. We are in the process of switching our furniture for new this year (finally). Love what you have done. Is your sofa PB? We are trying to find a set but really need gray or black.

    1. The jasmine is intoxicating! Furniture was from Target last spring. I think I saw the same or similar at my store this year. Home Depot has some nice things too. All much cheaper than pb!

  4. If you want to further amaze yourself, head over to Pike's to get a limelight hydrangea. You only need to dig a proper hole to be rewarded this year. You won't have to prune it for year 2 either.

  5. Hi Amanda! Love your porch and your blog! We are thinking about a porch addition and not making it screened. I was just curious as to why you're screening yours? Is it some particular reason that I might want to think about with ours? Thanks for your advice! Can't wait for your next post!
    Take care,

  6. Everything is so beautiful! Your porch is a favorite of mine. I think the screens are a great idea…

    The beverage tub is adorable! Enjoy every moment you have out there.


  7. I am not only amazed at your porch but at how clean it is!! I have a nice size porch too, but it is always dirty. I scrub it often however the outdoor grime always seems to settle on everything. If you have any tips on keeping it all so pretty, please share. LOVE all your posts! Always inspirational!

  8. Queen ~ I had literally just cleaned it! That being said, I usually blast it with the blower every couple of days – the floors, table tops, everything! We eat most of our meals out there so the table gets cleaned off multiple times a day. Take care, A

  9. Oh my goodness you have an absolutely stunning dream porch!! Wow, how I would love to spend some time there. I love all your personal and unique touches and your furniture looks so comfortable and cozy. Love it!!

  10. Popping by from 36th Avenue party! I adore your porch! Your gardens are looking beautiful and your porch looks so inviting and cozy! I love hostas too and the great thing about them is that next spring when they start to pop up, you can divide them, and replant the divisions in empty areas of your garden beds and planters – free plants! :D Heather

  11. It is magazine worthy and I am in love with your porch!!! This is my first time to visit you blog (over from The 36th Ave) and I am your newest follower. I'm really looking forward to exploring your blog. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you, [email protected]

  12. I just got completely sucked into your blog!!! I adore every single detail in this room. I am itching to add a covered ceiling on our current porch and this just about put me over the top!
    PS: Fellow Atlanta girl here – Anna Webb sent me your way! :)

    Heather @ Southern State of Mind

  13. What a fantastic porch!!!! I love everything about it. The outdoor fireplace is my favorite. Love how you decorated it in a neutral colorscheme with a coastal vibe. Just gorgeous!

  14. I recently discovered your blog. Your home is lovely! I am loving your back porch! You have inspired me to put one on the back of our home, but I will have to put it on my "someday" list. I am curious, what are the porch dimensions, roughly?

    Are you planning to post photos after the screens are up? I would definitely want screens on ours – I love to eat meals outside, but can't stand the flies and mosquitoes joining us for dinner!

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