4th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Elf on the Shelf Birthday

“Dear John and Whit… I’m thrilled to be back. 
I’ve missed y’all SO much!  I can’t wait to play tricks and games and such. 
But first things first, let’s shout ‘Hip Hip Hooray’!  It’s time to wish John HaPpY 8tH bIrThDaY!!”

November 2013 495

Boy oh boy were the littles thrilled to wake up to find our traditional birthday morning breakfast hosted by none other than SCOUT, our friendly Elf on the Shelf!!  For the fourth year in a row he arrived with a festive and elfin sized breakfast to kick off the holiday mischief and merriment.

November 2013 495 copy 
Of course, making things even more fun than usual, Scout donned his birthday cupcake costume and brought his new Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition book!!!

November 2013 496

November 2013 500

Seeing as it’s a birthday, Scout fledged full force ahead with everything sweet and sugary.  Tiny pancakes with dollops of whipped cream and sprinkles, mini chocolate chip muffins and little bowls of Lucky Charms…

November 2013 498

…petite 8 powdered donuts and 8 shaped bacon twists…

November 2013 497

…wee cups of yogurt with sprinkles and clementines rounded out the fare.

November 2013 499

The birthday boy’s place was set with our family birthday plate, a party hat and pin.

November 2013 501

And the rest were quite festive as well!!

November 2013 502

November 2013 504

The trick sparkler candles were not a surprise, seeing as Scout loves nothing more than a wee bit of mischief!

November 2013 512 copy

November 2013 515

November 2013 518

November 2013 521

Inside the cupcake was the first of three clues.  All Pokemon themed for the birthday boy!!

November 2013 526

Along the way of his scavenger hunt, he found two packs of Pokemon cards…

November 2013 527

November 2013 528

… a lacrosse stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2013 529

Happy birthday, sweet boy, and WELCOME BACK Scout!  We’ve missed you so much, too!!

November 2012 580 copy

November 2011 929

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  1. That is the cutest thing ever! We had an elf when I was young, as did my girls…Elf on a shelf arrived after my girls were "past the age". The look on their faces says it all. I sure do miss my girls being young, and all the parties!!

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