Deck the Halls 2013

With all the glitter, twinkling lights, ribbons and tress, there’s nothing I love more than having the halls decked for the holidays.  Without further ado, ya’ll come on in!!

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November 2013 473 copy 

November 2013 478 copy

November 2013 479 copy

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November 2013 469 copy
 November 2013 485 copy

November 2013 456 copy

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November 2013 447 copy

November 2013 448 copy

November 2013 450 copy

November 2013 427 copy

November 2013 420 copy

November 2013 422 copy 
November 2013 417 copy

November 2013 419 copy

November 2013 492 copy

November 2013 411 copy

November 2013 412 copy

November 2012 437 copy

November 2012 551 copy

November 2013 414 copy

November 2012 450 copy

November 2013 397 copy

November 2013 398 copy

November 2013 398 cop2y

November 2013 399 copy

November 2013 402 copy

November 2013 406 copy

November 2013 407 copy

November 2013 409 copy

November 2013 382 copy

November 2013 381 copy  November 2013 385 copy
 November 2013 758 copy
November 2013 759 copy

November 2012 499 copy  November 2012 501 copy

November 2012 525 copy

November 2012 527 copy 
November 2013 488 copy
November 2013 751 copy

November 2013 435 copy

November 2012 481 copy

November 2013 439 copy
November 2013 440 copy November 2013 209 copy

November 2013 757 copy
November 2013 442 copy  
     November 2013 756 cop2y

November 2012 492 copy

November 2012 452 copy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Happy holidays, y’all!!

Join me at two Holiday Tours this season!

Flattered for the features at From My Front Porch to Yours and No Minimalist Here!

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58 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2013

  1. Gorgeous, as always! Loved seeing the pics of John's room. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who decorates every room of the house; I love it so I want to see it everywhere I look! xo

  2. Amanda! You have really outdone yourself! A tree in every bedroom! I think I am going to show this one to the hubby and show him that I'm not crazy! Everything is lovely! {and 5 exclamation points}

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! So festive and gorgeous! I need to get my rear in gear and catch up! ;-). I love your home – it's so welcoming, and I'm sure it's even more so over the holidays. Thanks for sharing – truly stunning!

  4. Amazing my dear! Each and every room is breathtaking!! Your home belongs in a holiday magazine for sure. Love the note John left for Santa…priceless!

  5. Your home looks gorgeous! I love all the Christmas touches in every room and I am sure you have people stopping by to take pictures of the front of your house! Very cute message on the chalk board too!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  6. It is all just lovely Amanda. I am trying not to be jealous that you are all done, down to every detail. Merry Merry!

  7. Stunning, special and sweet! Holly (above) stole my line! We're happy to share a room and promise to make our gorgeous bed! You won't even know we're there until about a week after Easter! You should be very proud, Dixie. You never fail to delight! Jane ~ San Diego

  8. Any help here would be appreciated. I have tried for years to hang wreaths from my mirror and every year they fall. How do you do it? I don't want to put anymore weight on the mirror since I am afraid that will be the next to fall.

  9. Amanda, it is all simply stunning but I have to say that porch is my favorite! You've been a very busy girl and here I sit with 3 big "body bags" I got out of the storage building and no telling how many bins up in the attic too lazy to start mine. My excuse is I need to pick up a "few things" tomorrow before I begin….fingers crossed!

  10. Beautiful! I especially love the wreaths on your diningroom chairs- they are precious. Also love the wreath on your garden gate. They say its in the details and you have thought of it all! Merry Christmas!

  11. I have to say, I follow a lot of blogs, and of them all, your house is just my absolute favorite. It is just a stunning example of southern charm, and you have such a nack for mixing different elements, but having it all flow smoothly together, beautiful home!

  12. Your home is simply beautiful! Where did you get your window wreaths? I am having a hard time finding some without spending a fortune. Also, how did you hang them? Thanks!

  13. I use suction cups called "Action Hooks" to hang all of my exterior wreaths, as well as the wreath on the mirror in the dining room. I've had them for ages – I think I bought them at JoAnn's.

  14. Amanda, I have been lurking for quite some time, enjoying every post of your beautiful blog! I have boys too, and am a fellow GT grad, and also lover of beautiful things and The South…Your home is spectacular! Really beautiful touches.
    Could you explain how you decorated your did you decorate your stair post? I am most intrigued by the feathers there, and also on the mirror. Michaels feathers? I have feathers at my house in silver cream and sugars, and some pewter vases, that look fab, so I would love to extend the look. Thanks!!

  15. Stacia – I tie the plain garland on with sheer ribbon. I then just stick in the pheasant feathers! I collected them over time whenever they went on sale at Hobby Lobby. The wreath is a plain christmas wreath with the feather wreath attached to the top of it. I think Sister gave it to me years ago – I don't remember buying it :-) Sounds like feathers would be a great addition to your holiday decor!!

  16. It's Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! Thank you so much for linking up at the Merriest Blog Hop! I can't wait to see all of your holiday ideas this month! Wow beautiful home! That should be in magazines! :)

  17. What a fantastic home tour and wonderful home. I absolutely love your kitchen. I hope to put a similar style one in my own home next year. Unfortuantely mine is not as grand as yours, simply a little cottage near the sea in New Zealand. I love the architecture of your home too, gorgeous!


  18. I found your blog through Jennifer Rizzo's blog. I love it! I was so tickled when I looked at your post from the HGTV show, "My House is Worth What"? I remembered seeing your home on TV. What triggered my memory was your red pantry. So cute and very original. Thank you for sharing. I hope you get picked for the tour next year. Your home is lovely.

  19. Oh Amanda!.. your house is stunning, it's taken my breath away!!! It's not only a beautiful house in the outside, but as well as in the inside. Done for C'mas in such fabulous taste, and it's magazine worth! I love it!!! Merry C'mas.

  20. What a beautiful home you have. It looks like a dream! Each room is decorated with details, your style is consistent. I love so many things in your home, but it was the outdoor counter skirt with the Greek key trim that took my breath away.
    Happy Holidays,

  21. Your home is lovely. Wonderful decorating.
    Do you mind telling me where you got the ceiling lanterns in the 2 bedrooms??? I have been looking for one for my kitchen. The few I have found are out of my budget.
    [email protected]

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