Fireside Hot Chocolate + S’mores Soiree {Free Printable}

I recently received an email from Tiny Prints about their new holiday card collection and was so excited to use their holiday invitations on a few little shin digs before the end of the year. I immediately knew that I wanted to do a little fireside hot chocolate & s’mores soiree to kick off the holiday season!

November 2013 600 copy

I used the Tiny Prints “Chilly Party” invitation as inspiration for the party decor.

November 2013 618 copy

A few minutes with a little chalk and some red pom poms and I had a darling backdrop for the hot chocolate bar!

November 2013 611 copy

November 2013 589 copy

I already had my jars set up from my hot chocolate station and I added peppermint patties, peppermint cream and hazelnut cream to the menu!!

November 2013 593 copy

November 2013 609 copy

November 2013 608 copy

A menu of signature drinks featured lyrics from “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. (available in free printable file)

“Say, what’s in this drink?”

November 2013 610 copy

Themed tags printed on sticker paper were perfect for keeping track of whose drink was whose…

November 2013 669 copy

… but in reality we all loved sharing sips of our creations!!

November 2013 607 copy
November 2013 636 copy

November 2013 643 copy

November 2013 646 copy

November 2013 658 copy

November 2013 671 copy

November 2013 679 copy

November 2013 701 copy

The s’mores station was set up fireside. Like on the hot chocolate bar, I used polka dot wrapping paper to add a little whimsy to the table. It’s one of my favorite (and cheapest) ways to make any party more festive!!

November 2013 594 copy
November 2013 597 copy

The s’mores menu also featured lyrics from “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and provided a few twists on the traditional s’more. (available in printable file)

“I oughta say no, no, no sir”

November 2013 603 copy

We had three types of chocolate and three types of graham crackers. One of my other favorite party tricks is to use the backs of double sided invitations. Just cut up a few extra invites and use them as buffet cards for a festive and free touch!

November 2013 605 copy

November 2013 606 copy
November 2013 737 copy

November 2013 740 copy

November 2013 695 copy
November 2013 699 copy

November 2013 678 copy

It was such an easy little soiree to pull off, and since everyone was on the hook for mixing their own eats and drinks, I had nothing to do but mingle!

November 2013 691 copy

November 2013 743 copy

November 2013 692 copy November 2013 722 copy

November 2013 719 copy

November 2013 708 copy November 2013 730 copy
It would hardly be a Dixie Delights party without a little something to carry home! Snowman peeps (Target) were perfect stand-ins for the take home s’more. (available in printable file)

November 2013 613 copy
November 2013 616 copy copy


Happy holidays, y’all!!

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26 thoughts on “Fireside Hot Chocolate + S’mores Soiree {Free Printable}

  1. Amanda,
    Is it weird that I totally feel like I know your family and extended family? I found myself saying the kids names outloud when I came to their pics and then laughing at their expressions. I feel like a stalker…but in a good way! Love this idea…think I may "borrow" it for a haliday gathering that's twirling around in my head…Hmmmmm. Thanks!

  2. Good to see Charlie and Dottie….oh and MEL!!!!! LOL.
    It was so cold here last week that I wish I had that hot cocoa. Miss ya. xo

  3. PRECIOUS! As always. So creative and looked like fun was had by all. Love the pic of Whit with s'mores on his face! Tell your sister when CeeCee out grows all her precious clothes us fans of your Ebay site will snatch them up. My sweet little man wore a smocked turkey John John for Thanksgiving that I bought from y'all. He looked quite dapper! I'm having a girl in early April so I'd LOVE to snag some of CeeCee's fashions.

  4. Glad you were able to find the peeps! After searching hi and low for them, I bought out the Walgreens in Dunwoody and the CVS in Sandy Springs. Again, thank you for being so generous with your creative ideas and printables. Julie

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