First Communion Prep

The PCP will make his First Holy Communion in May!!  We’re busy as bees making his banner, practicing prayers, choosing outfits and starting plans for a family celebration!!!!  I made his invitations and prayer cards last week and just love the way they turned out.

We used a celtic cross to represent our Irish heritage.  He chose the same one for his banner that I will hopefully share soon!!  You can already find a digital version of the invitation in my etsy store.  It’s available in blue, gray and pink and with a regular or celtic cross.  It would also be great for a Baptism or Confirmation with a tweak to the wording.  I used a craft punch to round the edges.

March 2014 318 copy copy

I ordered prayer cards from Catholic Shopper when both of the littles were baptized.  When I fell in love with this image but couldn’t find it in a personalized version, I just made my own.  I gave these with tiny cake squares for party favors at both baptisms and plan to do the same for First Communion.  I have collected quite a few of these over the years and use them as bookmarks in our family bible.
March 2014 325 copy copy

As for the party, we will have our family over for dinner.  The boy of the day has requested a cookout so it will be causal, easy and perfect for May.

PS. I have a much better pic of my Hooray Invitation back on that post now too :-)  Lots going on in the W household this spring!!
March 2014 329 copy

15 thoughts on “First Communion Prep

  1. Beautiful invitations. I can't wait to see your post about his first communion. I am curious about what kind of printer you use to get such great and professional results? Thanks. Tanya

  2. I was going to ask the same thing as Tanya – is it a laserjet or inkjet printer? They definitely look like you had them printed somewhere! Beautiful! Do you use a special type of paper?

  3. I love seeing a prayer card. I think they use to be the norm in our faith. But, now people don't have them at any of the sacraments like they once did. My grandmother had stacks of them in her jewelry boxes, nightstands, etc., from friends that passed thru the years. She had one from when JFK passed. I just think they are so great to see!

  4. I just ordered these precious invites for my little girl. I have been searching for weeks for the perfect one and you did it! Love your blog, read it every single day!
    We have to do banners too, am taking class at Hancock!

  5. Amanda, I am hoping you can answer this question for me…obviously I am not Catholic but my daughter has 3 kids on her dance team that are receiving their first communion. All three are on the same day and we won't be attending because we have a competition that weekend(poor things are all having to rush to it) I feel that we should give a gift for such an important occasion what would you suggest. You are so great with gifts I would really appreciate some advice. There are 2 girls and one boy. As far as amount I don't really even know what an appropriate amount is! Thanks for your help! …Tina

  6. Amanda, what a beautiful invitation to commemorate such a special occasion as a first communion. Ron C. wrote in his blog yesterday about his new lamps from BH&G that you and your new back porch were featured in this month's magazine. I had just received mine the day before and had not looked through it yet. I absolutely adore it! I sure would love something like yours to entertain in. It is absolutely beautiful! I love your blog, too! P.S. You and I have something in common–Ron Carrier! I taught him senior English when he was in high school. :)

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