Laundry Room {Before & After}

I know how y’all love a good before and after.  So, before y’all get too giddy, let me forewarn you that this is more like an “ok” before and after.  :-)  I envisioned something much better in my mind’s eye, but a little plumbing issue threw a wrench in those plans.  So, like any good Disney-file would do, I channeled Elsa and “let it go”.  I skipped the cafe shelving, finding great fabric and the chandelier and just went practical, functional and economical for a change.  (Much to Honey’s supreme delight.)  

So, here is a semi-before pic of where we started.  The laundry room is upstairs off of the guest suite and, other than a beautiful tile floor, had nothing in it when we moved in.  We have been keeping our laundry stuff on the floor and on top of the washer and dryer for five years! 

photo 5 (6)
As y’all know, I was dying for a laundry sink and that was my number one priority in this mini-makeover.  The size of the room locked us in to having the washer, dryer and new sink all on this one wall.  To make that happen, we had to stack the (oversized) washer and dryer using a $25 kit from Best Buy.  Honey did this a few months ago so that I would have time to live with it for a while before finalizing the decision with the laundry sink install.  If you’re wondering, I’m 5’2” and have no problem reaching the top dials on the dryer or getting my clothes in and out.


And, without further ado, here is the after of our little space…

 DSC_0125 copy

Do you see all those tubes coming out of the wall on the left side of the sink?  Well, of course you do!  How could you miss them?!?  THAT is the aforementioned “wrench” in my fabulous plans.  Apparently, the plumber said this was the only way to install the sink and Honey didn’t argue.  That may be true, but boy does it look like a hot mess.  When I came to terms with this being the final state of things, I dug the fabric for the skirt out of my stash and bought the cheapest shelves I could find at Home Depot.  So, the space is totally functional and definitely looks better, but it’s not exactly what I had envisioned.  The good news is that nobody other than yours truly and Mother see it.  LOL.  Oh, and the grand news is that this laundry sink is the best amenity in my house.  Goodbye baseball pants soaking in my bathroom sink!!

May 2014 536 copy

As for the rest of the space, I sprung for a new cover for my ironing board at Target, used baskets from the old playroom shelves for my laundry supplies, and picked up the two glass jars for detergent and softener at Target.  I hung two pieces of art in the space that were hiding in the storage room…our family tree and a lovely picture of my grandfather as a child.

DSC_0079 copy

May 2014 529 copy

In order to cover up the box where the water shut off valves are, I hung a simple frame and printed out a favorite quote that has also graced Mother’s laundry room since I was a child.  “If all of our troubles were hung on a line, you would take yours and I would take mine.”  Mother also made the sink skirt for me out of fabric that was mistakenly shipped to me in the same pattern as my powder room wallpaper five years ago.

DSC_0079 cop2y


May 2014 531 copy

I love that there is still room in here for my expandable drying rack (I line dry almost all of my clothes, swim suits and baseball uniforms) and to set up the ironing board (when I get around to that about once every month.)

DSC_0127 copy

Oh, and speaking of ironing, I keep my to-be-ironed pile in this flexi-tub under the sink.

May 2014 537 copy 
Now, you can’t see it in these pictures, but I also replaced the light with this vintage schoolhouse option from Home Depot.  It looks SO much better than that old thing and puts out way more light.  (bottom left)

photo 1 (9)

Paint – Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth
Utility Sink –  this sink from Home Depot
Faucet – this faucet from Amazon
Drying rack / Ironing board wall holder – Bed Bath and Beyond (old)
Flexi-tub – Target
Shelves – Home Depot
Ironing board cover – Target
Baskets – Pottery Barn Kids (old)
Dispensers – Target
I must say that it feels really good to knock something off the to-do list that’s been a hanger-on for five years.

PS. A little public service announcement…  While I’m on the tedious subject of laundry room, Daddy-O installed our washer with FloodSafe Auto Shut-off Connectors back when we moved in five years ago.  I think these are a MUST for everyone… especially when your washer is upstairs.  Growing up, our washing machine hose burst and flooded our entire ranch house – ruining all of the floors and much of the furniture.  They are inexpensive and can be picked up at Home Depot.  Go get ’em y’all!!!

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31 thoughts on “Laundry Room {Before & After}

  1. Your laundry room is still a very cute space! (And, I have my doubts about the plumber's assessment but I suppose what's done is done.) I dream of a laundry sink – what a difference that will make for you!

  2. Someitmes those aggravating little things happen!! I hate to see exposed hoses too..maybe you could cover them with the material from the sink surround. I know I have seen lots of people "cover" light cords the same way!! But then I guess some of us are a little OCD and if it works for you, it works for you!!

  3. Love it! I have a problem with exposed hoses and cords behind my machines and it drives me insane too. Right now I have photos hung on a clothesline to kind of disguise them but I am still not satisfied. The skirt is exactly the idea I have pictured for mine…that is if I could sew AND get myself motivated to make it!! I knew you would get yours done before mine…even with an injured foot you are blowing me away girl! Congrats on another beautiful space! – Shelley

  4. Oh my! You have given me great ideas! I keep thinking something is missing in my laundry room and now I have plans to fix it! Love it!
    Julia from SC

  5. We have a utility sink like that in our garage. However, the hoses are all unseen underneath. But..our plumbing was run from an iside bath through the wall. I guess yours has to do that to get over to the water thing..but not sure why the hoses cant come out from underneath the sink.

  6. Despite the the plumbing snag, it looks fantastic. I wish I had that much room. I am fortunate to have great cabinets, and a small bar sink built into another (they had to remove the large tub sink because with it the washer and dryer would not fit-yes, great measuring by the architect), but you literally have to go outside the room to change your mind!!! Love, Love, Love the idea of using the drink dispensers.

  7. I can just hear you now. I would have been the same way…unacceptable! LOL! The color palette flows well with your home. It definitely has Amanda touches. xo

  8. Your laundry room looks great, Amanda! Even though things may not have gone according to plan, your laundry room is still a very cute and functional space! I was thinking the same as Nancy…a pull-out storage tower between the appliances and the sink, if you don't like the exposed hoses.

  9. Sometimes what we want and what we get aren't always the same :/ I know… But it is really cute. Luv the fabric.
    I am shaking my head at that plumber…. My laundry room/mudroom has the aired handler in it. Really?! Takes up much needed space, but I have to meal do, and get it together as lots of people gets to see it.

  10. you have "the touch" girlfriend! even if this is a temporary fix, i doubt there is anyone who would mind doing laundry in what you have created.

    my laundry room has been on my radar for many moons but it's way down on the priority list.

    happy summer!

  11. It's really nice and the dispensers are very clever. Could the plumber not flip-flop the position of the w/d and sink? (Though I'm sure you've been over it a thousand times.)

    When looking for something to fill the space, a CD rack can slip in-between, even sideways, and a little plant on top might help divert the eye and add extra nooks. I use one in my craft room and there are alot to choose from.

    So glad you're feeling better. You looked adorable at the Braves' game…loved your fabulous red beads!!

    Jane, San Diego

  12. Your laundry looks great and a list cross off this big is cause for celebration! I'm sure you've run through a million options, but would it be possible to place a shallow false "wall" in front of that area? Luan, thin plywood or something similar (painted the wall color) boxed to the necessary depth with a little trim out might work & could probably float, not really need to be affixed. Thought from the picture of the plumbing the sink might be able to move forward a little if necessary. I washed fifteen seasons of baseball and softball uniforms-the sink is a must, it will be worth seeing the hoses. Doing laundry will be fun-at least for a few loads!

  13. Well if one room in the house can't turn out as planned, this is the best room for it to happen in;) Love the laundry soap dispensers and the new light fixture!!

  14. love it!!! even your laundry room is Elegant! haha! :) wish i could beautify mine up like this!

  15. Amanda, how about having your mom whip up a gathered cover for those hoses, similar to the covers used to hide chandelier cords/chains. You would of course make it wider and put the gathers into it, and use Velcro to attach it behind the jumble of hoses.

  16. That's an awesome little make over. I know that the tubes bug you, but maybe you'll just get used to them. It turned out so well!

  17. Still cute, even with the wrench in your plans! Love the fabric around the sink, and such a great use of space. I hate when those things happen though – so frustrating!

  18. Loved the update! I'm not sure how to correct this, but I stopped getting your updates via email. Has anyone else had this problem?

  19. Your laundry room looks wonderful! I am sure it makes the chore of laundry more bearable. Love it all from the artwork, the baskets and the fabric…beautiful. I can feel your pain with the hoses. I had the same problem with our cable guy and his choice of location and amount of cables in my son's room. I ended up making a fabric sleeve the color of the wall to help hide it.

  20. The sink is functional but not very attractive. Having said that, as you leave my kitchen and walk down a hallway towards a laundry room, basement stairs, and downstairs bath, what do you see but the huge electrical panel smack at the end of the hall? Why it was not placed in a less visible location, I don't know and I didn't catch it in time when we remodeled. Sometimes things are what they are.

  21. You certainly made use of all the space you had. I love the toile skirt you made for your sink. We had a sink in the laundry room at our last home and never used it. We have a spot for one at this house so maybe one day I will have one installed. It would be perfect for cleaning paint brushes in instead of the kitchen sink.

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