Saddle Up and Celebrate

We saddled up to celebrate cousin Jay’s 5th birthday this afternoon!!  It was just darling, as expected, and so much fun for the whole family.

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They held the shindig at the party barn at Chastain Horse Park. The facility was perfect and the staff truly went above and beyond wrangling 15 little cowpokes into order.

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Of course, Sister had every detail tended to.  I love that Bird had the same little cake topper on his 5th birthday cake that John used on his 6th!

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She served chocolate cake, cupcakes and dinky doozies for the littles and the same divine caramel cake from Piece of Cake that we devoured at Easter.

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The photo booth was a big hit.  Our family had a lot of fun with it!!

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The party started out behind the barn where the littles got to meet the ponies.  John loved this party, but Cookie hung back and watched, bless his heart.

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June 2014 018 
They had a little horseshoes set back there that Cookie and CeeCee tried to play.  I love this shot of her ripping her bow out.

June 2014 024

June 2014 044

Best cousins: Cookie & Bird.  These two are SiLlY and tRoUbLe.  I tell you what…

June 2014 025 
The men… the birthday boy’s daddy, uncle and two grandpas!

June 2014 042 
John adores her as much as I do. 

June 2014 045 
Well, hello twinsies.

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 June 2014 049  
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While the staff took the party goers to ride two at a time, the rest were entertained with all sorts of fun crafts inside the barn!  They decorated real horseshoes, colored a horse picture, decorated a frame aaaaannnnnddddd decorated t-shirts.  What fun!!

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June 2014 041

Of course, I couldn’t stand to let CeeCee down.  She’s such a doll and loved trying to stab me with the ends of the photo props.

June 2014 028  June 2014 030

June 2014 031
 June 2014 057

June 2014 059

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June 2014 063

Back on the ranch the littles had SUCH fun riding the ponies.  Jay was a natural, of course.
 June 2014 034

This little one was determined to crawl through the fence and give it a go.

June 2014 035    June 2014 039 
John, who doesn’t remember his first pony ride, and thought it was great fun!!
  June 2014 066    
And this little one finally decided he was brave enough to try at the tail end of the party.

June 2014 071     
He went in the ring with cousin Jay.

June 2014 077

And what do you know, he was ALL smiles!!

June 2014 083

June 2014 084

Happy 5th Birthday, Bird, and THANK YOU for a fun filled afternoon!!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Saddle Up and Celebrate

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful party, Amanda. Jay is darling and what a cute idea for a party. Glad to see your little guy finally gave riding a try. What an exciting moment that is-the first ride.

    I LOVE the picture of her pulling her hair bow off! lol xo Diana

  2. Happy birthday, Jay Bird! You are all hereby under arrest for being so darn cute!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  3. What a cute party! I didn't know they have a barn and we live just around the corner and go to Chastain pool.

  4. Love all the party details and the kids are so adorable. Would your sister be willing to share the sources for the figurines in the goody bags and the photo props? My little grands are having a pony party in about 4 weeks. We are still adding things. Thanks so much!

  5. Wow your family always has the most beautiful and creative parties! And those littles are so precious! Looks like fun! Love your outfit!!! U look beautiful!

  6. For Vickie:

    The cowboy bendable figurines and the photo booth props came from the Oriental Trading website!

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