Another Wall in the Office

Well, I’ve finished up another wall of the family office!!  I spent the summer searching high and low (and had Mother and Paige hunting too) for the perfect vintage or antique piece to fit between the windows.  I wanted something with drawers for storage and ample room for a lamp as an alternative to the overhead lighting.  And I just kept coming back to the Santerno dresser from Home Decorators Collection (in grigio carmine).  It was about twice what I wanted to spend but went on sale and had free shipping so I carted it and never looked back.  When it came I was quite impressed with how heavy, sizeable and well made it was, and in no time flat we had it fit right between the windows!!   July 2014 153 copy The mirror came from the foyer of my late next door neighbor.  I miss Miss J. more than I ever knew I would.  She tirelessly wandered up and down our street from sun up to sun down, and we took it upon ourselves to always keep an eye on her.  When the baby started toddling, he loved to make his way over to her house and, from that very first time, I could tell that it made her day.  She was the original owner of her home, she raised three sons there and confided in me one sad day just how very much she misses her husband and the hustle and bustle of having a home full of boys.  It literally brought me to tears.  (But in her second breath she berated me over the leaves that fall out of my trees into her yard and we were back to our love hate relationship.)  In all seriousness, I adored Miss J and she was a fixture here for the first five years we were in the house.  When her son offered me the mirror as they were clearing out her house, it just felt right to bring it home and keep it so close to the home that Miss J loved so much.  I spruced it up with a little rub ‘n buff and every single time I look into it I can’t help but offer a little smile for Miss J.   July 2014 090 copy I picked up the lamp from the Pottery Barn outlet for a song back when we were finishing the porch and it’s been sitting sadly in the attic ever since.  I made the lamp shade for the baby’s nursery many moons ago and it makes me smile to see it back in a room that I use every day.    July 2014 089 copy  Y’all likely noticed that I have finally decided to add a few touches of my very favorite color – PINK – to my house!!  I’ve displayed my Lilly books and have just a few other things that I’m working to incorporate.  The amaze-balls ball was a lucky Home Goods find.  Mother and I nearly threw our backs out trying to grab the only two they had.  The brass turtle box is Nate Berkus for Target.  And the frame is from Ikea.  (Thanks Honey for picking it up for me!!)  I made the quote and will share the printable soon!   July 2014 156 copy Now that I’ve photographed and blogged about this I’m feeling super motivated to finish the rest of the room up before the littles start tearing it apart when school sets in!! xoxo

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26 thoughts on “Another Wall in the Office

  1. That mirror is fab! I've spent the last two Round Top seasons looking for something very similar for my dining room. I'm literally turning GREEN as I type this! BTW – if you've never made a pilgrimage to Texas hill country for Round Top you should add it to your decorating bucket list. You have a standing invite to join our semi annual "winetiquing" adventures anytime:)

  2. Lovely vignette Amanda! My favorite of all is the trim on your drapery panels! And speaking of pink, I added some pink fretwork pillows to my dining room a month ago and love the addition. After all, you should decorate with what you love.

  3. LOVE! Oh my word…perfection. Love the touches of pink. I have incorporated a few in my office as well. Love what I am seeing in the mirror's reflection. And, what a sweet story about the mirror's original owner.

  4. Love the mirror.. Can you please share the source for the hanging light fixture in this room?

  5. Love the wall and the chest and the mirror….and on and on. But most of all, I love the story about Miss J. I too miss seeing her next door when I visit. You have a golden heart.
    Love, Marme

  6. As always another fabulous job! I really love the lampshade! I have "made" lampshades before, but they have never turned out that fabulous!

  7. Love the story behind the mirror…its one beautiful vintage piece. Someone else posted about making a pilgrimage to Round Top and that you should put it on your decorating bucket list. I have to agree 100% as I finally talked my hubby into making the trek from Virginia last fall to go. When they say everything is bigger and better in Texas that weren't kidding!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe it! Amanda, you are truly one of the most fascinating women I have ever "met". Thank you again for being so kind to share your breathtaking talents and beautiful love of life. Dixie Delights is always a joyful part of my day. :)

    Jane ~ San Diego

  9. P.S.
    Special Delivery to Queen Bee Marme and Sir Daddy-O:
    You both should be commended for raising two incredibly gracious and respectful daughters and for continuing to be such an important influence in their lives.

    Your pal in San Diego, Jane :)

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