5th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Of-Elf Breakfast

“Hi Boys, I’m back for another merry & mischievous year!
I thought I’d say hi with a little help from Olaf. Love, Scout”

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Our trusty little elf Scout made his way all the way to Georgia from the North Pole for the start of the Christmas season this morning!! As usual, he brought with him a tasty and pint sized feast to mark the occasion. This time with the help of our funny friend Olaf!

DSC_0120 copy

DSC_0118 copy

The crafty Scout brought with him a flurry of snow puffs and repurposed Olaf cups, plates & napkins, jelly beans and glow cubes procured for and at various events earlier this year.

DSC_0114 copy

All of the mini-treats were snow covered and snowman inspired. The littles delighted in donuts, pancakes and greek yogurt cups.

DSC_0115 copy

DSC_0119 copy

DSC_0117 copy


Smiles abounded this Monday morning before school!! I think it helped all of us ease back in to the routine of things and offset some of our post vacation blues.


We will start our Jesse Tree tonight too!! Happy holidays, y’all!

10 thoughts on “5th Annual Snowflake Breakfast: Of-Elf Breakfast

  1. Another idea I'm stealing from you!!! Our Elf will be appearing later in the week and love the idea of a "snow" breakfast! Too cute!!
    Kristen in Boston

  2. We don't do the Elf – didn't know about it when my boys were little enough to start – but I sure wish we did! So many fun ideas. Love your snowy treats!

  3. Say, what???!!! After waking up to the tiny prairie princess in her (beyond) adorable outfit, this show-stopping Elf breakfast IN THE SNOW pretty much does me in! You are beyond fascinating. Wow. Unbelievable. Who's with me on this?

    Jane ~ Flabbergasted in San Diego :-)

  4. I am with you, Jane. She blows me away with all of her creative ideas………….and she actually gets them done, too!

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