A Little More Lilly

Can one really ever have enough?! I love that I broke the “color scheme” of our house and added in pops of pink the family office.DSC_0038 copy

I got the first impression candle I’d been coveting and it smells divine! It’s one of those kinds of candles that you can smell without even lighting! I also added some sort of fun pink bloom from Trader Joe’s on a whim last week. Here’s to hoping the pretty little thing doesn’t suffer the same fate of most of the other plants in my life.

DSC_0040 copy

A long, long, long while back my sweet friend at HKL Designs helped me cover the top of my laptop in Lilly. When my old one died I asked Honey for a cute pink or white one. He came home with black…because it was on sale…so, it made perfect sense to dress it up in Lilly and with a big old monogram. I ordered the Lilly vinyl on etsy, but it hasn’t held up perfectly (the print rubs off in the places that are frequently touched.) Next time I would use one of the waterproof vinyls.

DSC_0042 copy

And then I found this fabulous pom pom throw monogrammed in Lobstah Roll under the Christmas tree from Mother and Daddy-O!! It’s been a warm and cozy addition this winter, and you can pretty much bet on finding me wrapped up in it most hours of the day. (There are some things I like spending money on, like Lilly candles and pink plants that I’m sure I’ll kill, but heat is not one of them.)

DSC_0043 copy

It’s almost hard to remember the days when this room was filled with two toddlers, trains, pirates and a kitchen set. Now it’s homework, school projects and Minecraft galore.

12 thoughts on “A Little More Lilly

  1. I love the additional pops of pink that you have added. It's no secret that your home office is my favorite room in your house. In fact, it is going to be the inspiration photo for my master bedroom re-do later on in 2015. The Lilly accessories are great. I would have been overjoyed to find a throw like that under the tree… lucky girl.

  2. I love the addition of the pink accents. And no, one can never have too much Lilly. I too have the candle and bought one for each of the girls for Christmas. Smells amazing! I need to have the chair in my office recovered, just having a hard time deciding. However, after seeing your neutral slipper chairs paired with the fabric I love and pops of pink I may have finally made up my mind!!

  3. Your room is gorgeous – the pink is just the perfect touch! And your plant looks like a cyclamen – they are the perfect plant for winter! xo

  4. Love it! Please come decorate my house!

    Do you know where your mom bought the pom pom throw? I bought my daughter one for her dorm from pbteen and was so disappointed b/c it was not soft at all!


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