Ditching Liquid

So, this is a totally random topic, but we have moved from liquid detergents in our dishwasher and washing machine to good old fashioned powders.
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I actually never did use liquid or pods in my dishwasher because, for what might have been the first time ever, I read the directions *gasp* and they said powder is much preferred to get dishes cleaner and keep the appliance in top working order.  And it’s cheaper to boot.  It didn’t occur to me that the same might be true for my washing machine until I posted a pic about cleaning it on Instagram and the comments started rolling in.  So, once I used up my existing stash of liquid detergent, I traded out the dispensers for jars of powder and dryer sheets.  Truth be told, those dispensers ended up being the pits.  They were drippy and made it very hard to get all of the detergent and softener out.

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So far I’m much happier with this situation.  The jars are from Target and I’m using a teacup with a hairline crack for the scoop.  I used the scoop that came with the powder to measure it out the first time, and marked the inside of the teacup with a sharpie to use going forward.  Pretty and functional.

DSC_0080 copy

DSC_0080 copy

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In case you’re wondering (I’m sure you’re not), I blitz laundry day.  I save it up all week and then do five to six loads every Monday.  Of course, I’m terrible at folding and putting it away so most Monday nights I go up to crawl into bed and am greeted by this awful sight…


We made over the laundry room last year.  Look here for the before & after pics and all of the sources!

Happy Friday, y’all!!!!


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29 thoughts on “Ditching Liquid

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am getting some a sorta new washer/dryer from my daughter and they look a lot like yours. I just picked up a few of those expensive pods thinking that was what I should be using in them. So Powder it is!!

  2. I love learning how people chose to do laundry. Everyday or "blitz" as you do , or somewhere in between.
    I loathe laundry. It's in my basement – no sun. How I wish I had a spare room to dump the laundered cloathes in for sorting.
    What is your pre-laundry method? Loads are for one person or does the family clothing mingle. Any efficiency tips greatly appreciated.

    1. Everything is mixed up. I usually have one load of just whites and at least 2 loads of darks. 1 of towels and other random things I find around the house – blankets from the den, the odd jacket, etc.. And I do sheets every other week which is another 2 loads on those weeks. When I'm sorting I try to set aside anything that needs stain treating and do that first. Folding usually ends up a family affair before bed time just so that we can get in the bed. The littles do things like socks, undies and athletic wear and then return blankets and towels to their places. I have a basket for each one of them and they are usually in charge of putting their own clothes away. It's not perfect but I like getting it all done in one day. There are certainly weeks when I have to do the random mid-week load, but that is usually during sports season when a uniform is needed.

  3. I've always used laudry powder but probably just because thats what my mom always used. But, girl, your powder cannister with the pretty teacup makes me giggle. Heck, mine is in the box it came in, with the plastic scoop. You are just too cute, and too creative. I love it.

  4. Very interesting… I had heard years ago that powder is much better for machines, but for some reason all I have been using is liquid for several years now. And you know what?? It is a pain getting the liquid out of the little cup! There is always quite a bit stuck in there. I'm pledging to go back to powder- that is after all my liquid is gone! Love your blog- you're such a hoot!

  5. Oh, and completely off the subject, but I have to tell you, because I remember a long time ago we commented back and forth about Ray Ellis. I finally made a purchase at his gallery in Savannah a few weeks ago, The Seiners. I love it. got it back from the frame shop last week and gave it a place of honor in our living room. I'm in love. I still regret never purchasing Oyster Landing…in case you ever want to sell. :)

    1. Oh my gosh… I haven't looked at his stuff in so long. I just checked out seiners and LOVE it. Great choice!!!!!!! I am so glad you got one! I hate to say never, but I will NEVER tire of oyster landing :-) xoxo

  6. I had decided my front load washing machine was a dud. I was so ready to get rid of it, when I popped into repair shop that we use. The lady that works there knows me well and gave me some helpful information. She said laundry and dishwasher detergent makers had taken phosphates out of their products thus causing them to not work as well. She said to put some Borax in each load of clothes and it would help. It has made a huge difference. I use probably an 1/8th cup in each load and clothes are looking much better. I don't have really large loads as I am past the kids at home stage:) :( Tide OxiClean is good too, but Borax is cheaper.
    For the dishwasher, I discovered Finish Powerball. It works really well.

    1. I have a box of borax in there. Looks like I should start using that now because I'm fresh out of oxi. I bought it a while back but wasn't sure exactly what to do with it :-)

  7. As the youngest of eight children, my mom ONLY did laundry on Saturday mornings, which honestly was an all day event. We all helped, so folding wasn't a huge chore. Love you laundry room! Have a fun weekend!!!

  8. I detest laundry. I thought building a pretty room for it would help, but it doesn't. I'm a liquid girl myself. A scoop of Oxi added directly to the clothes usually catches unseen stains! Sounds like I need to do a little research into the powder! xox, Emily

    1. I do! And it's funny that you asked because I've been using the powder for a few weeks now and just this Monday I had my first time that a little bit of it was still in the cup when my load finished. I thought maybe my water was just extra frigid due to this "snow" event. My next load was in warm and it was gone.

  9. I had always been a liquid girl (specifically Gain and Downey). I say a darling blog post on Stonegable about her homemade powder soap. I had to give it a try and have never looked back. I only have to make it 2 to 3 times a year. It gets my clothes incredibly clean, is very inexpensive per load and works well in my front loader. I put it right in the machine with the clothes. Now I'm trying to convince myself to make my own vinegar/essential oil dryer sheets instead of fabric softener. I Know I'll miss the Downey smell but it's suppose to be so much better for the clothes. Thanks for spring. It's always fun to see how others tackle the never ending job of laundry.

  10. Years ago a repairman told me not to use powder cause we tend to use too much per manufacturers instructions. That extra builds up and clogs the machine workings so repairs or replacement is necessary. So I've been a liquid gal for years and, like you, throw the measuring cap in with the laundry. Then came pods and I'm a convert! Lastly, had to get a new dishwasher in November. The directions call for pods.

    1. I had a plumber tell me the same thing, so I then switched to liquids. That is, until I started making my own. But the kind you buy at the store has an additive in it to "bulk" it up to make a bigger box; and that is what causes the clogs in the pipes.

  11. I switched back to powder about four years ago, and never looked back! I started using Tide powder, but decided to give the much cheaper Purex and it works just as well. I always wash with mostly cold and do not have any dissolving problems at all. I also use the big glass canisters to store the laundry and oxi powders! Jane

  12. those canisters look a little plain!! LOL I have a love/hate with laundry too-especially the socks!!! and the hubs winds up pairing them together when he needs them!! maybe cause I lived for so many years never wearing them. I prefer powder as well but now find myself just getting whatever Tide is on sale. We changed up dishwasher soap when we got flatware that stated not to use lemon scented cleaner on them. I always thought an upscale laundrymat would be perfect. You can go for a couple hours, mingle with friends over mimosas and leave with it all done – I get so distracted at home!

  13. I love your laundry room! And I usually make my own laundry detergent in the powder form. You can use Google to find tons of recipes, but I use the very simple one of Fels Naptha, Borax, and washing soda. It works well!

  14. Just wanted to share that my dermo advised to never use laundry sheets. They zap all the moisture out of your skin! It's worse to use them on sheets, they dry you out all night:(

  15. So you might know this already- but in New Orleans, the customary Monday dinner has always been "red beans and rice" because it was a "set it and forget it" meal that could be put on while doing Laundry on Mondays… in NOLA Monday is also "laundry day"

    Also, I may have to look into doing powder again- we have a high efficiency top loader without an agitator, and I always thought we had to use the liquid… I am going to research this!!!

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