Boy Mom Madness {Boy Bedrooms}

Today kicks off a super fun blogger collaboration on snips and snails and puppy dog tails and ALL THINGS BOY!!!  Over the next five days, we will share and dish on things like boy inspired decor, organization, DIY, and style, with the whole shebang ending in a link party and AMAZING not-to-be-missed giveaway!!!  If you’re new here, I’m the proud (yet girly girl) mommy of nine year old and six year old sons.  They challenge and inspire me daily and have brought more adventure to my life than I ever could have imagined.  I hope you’ll stick around after the series is over!

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Moving right along to the topic du jour, I’ve got TWO boy bedrooms to share today.  And while I have two of them decorated and set up, they still sleep together in one. It is the sweetest thing in the world and I will never rush them to adopt their own spaces.  In both rooms I let the boys lead the direction of colors and things they love, but tried to design spaces that fit the rest of the house and would grow with them for years to come.  There are a few common things that I did in both rooms…
1. Original art
2. Plenty of space to nicely display favorite books, toys and treasures
3. Gallery walls for inspirational words and family photos
4. Good lighting for both playing (nice and bright), reading at night (lamps) and sleeping (dimmers)

Up first is John’s room.  He desired a room with “blue, black and lots of fish”, and we worked on this space over the course of a year.  Throughout our home I display things that we love and use family antiques, and the boy’s rooms are no exception.  This room was originally two but a previous owner removed a wall to make one very large space.  In addition to just sleeping, there is room to play and a dedicated desk area for school work and studying (down the road… we are not quite independent on these things).  You can find many, many more details and all the sources for this room HERE.

November 2013 305 copy copy

November 2013 363 copy

November 2013 262 copy

While my little one has his very own bedroom, it’s really just used to hold his “treasures” and clothes at this point.  He was only four when I did his room so he didn’t have a whole lot of demands as far as décor.  He wanted one big crab for the wall and I left everything else very neutral.  You can find many, many more details and all the sources for this room HERE.

January 2013 035 copy

October 2012 364 copy

October 2012 394 copy

Be sure to hop over to the other boy mom blogs and check out where their little ones lay their heads at night!

We’ll wrap up our Boy Mom Madness week with the ULTIMATE BOY MOM BUNDLE prize pack worth over $500. So many amazing vendors have offered their goodies!  By the way, don’t worry if you are not a boy-mom. I know any girl mom, aunt, grandma, sister, brother, dad, ok, pretty much ANYONE would be over the moon to win this prize pack!


Come back tomorrow for Oh Boy Organization!!

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11 thoughts on “Boy Mom Madness {Boy Bedrooms}

  1. I love this! You know I am always looking for boy inspiration! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the week.

  2. I'm a mom of 3, the first two of whom are sons. I'm loving this "Boy Mom Madness already!

    Blogless Peggy

  3. I adore your little's rooms! I only have a few more weeks to find out if my next little will be a boy or another sweet little lady! Since I have a Lilly loving, super girly little lady I worry about how I will perfect a little man's space. You always give me such inspiration, and I cant thank you enough for it!

  4. Your boys' rooms are so nice! Love the original art wall. My son's room is getting a much needed update starting in about a month & I can't wait to see what information/ideas you and the other bloggers will share. We don't have a dedicated play room, so toys are in the kids' rooms, which is kind of driving me bonkers. Would love to see if others have the same problem and their solutions. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I love that crab! And also the fish on the board…can't tell if it is a pallet but it is wonderful! Your boys will certainly love their spaces one day!

  6. What beautiful, calming spaces for your boys with such soothing colours and stunning antiques. Wow!! I love them – both spaces can clearly grow up with your boys, and have such a unique and personal feel to them!!

  7. Amanda, can you share clothes storage for the boys? Do they mostly use their drawers or closet?

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