Honey Does: The Garage Part 2 {40×41}

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Well, well, well, I’m back for another cameo in blog-land. Is that what you call this place? Two years ago I spent way too many nights and weekends on a huge garage organization project. Amanda actually put a part two of this project on her 40×41 list and, seeing as she wasted one of her precious slots on this, what kind of man would I be to keep her from completing it? (Also, if you know Amanda you know that an incomplete list is no bueno around here. Speaking of lists, I also added it to mine two kill two birds with one stone.)

When I did the original work, Amanda wanted these plastic shelves replaced with custom ones. I agreed that it needed to be done but wanted to wait until we could unload some of the stuff the boys would soon outgrow – the bounce house, wagon, baby pool, etc.

That stuff has now been pawned off on the cousins or relocated to the attic and so she was chomping at the bit to get this done. I had a few days between jobs and also wanted to get it done while I had time and before we were in the scorching hot days of summer. The project was fairly simple although I didn’t take pictures. I’m not really a blogger, recall. The new shelves are much sturdier and leave room for both of my grills, yard tools and the trash can. I can’t believe Amanda hasn’t gotten her hands on that yet.

You can see here how the new shelves “match” the lockers I built in 2013. I have to admit, it does look good and is definitely safer.

Two years later and the lockers are still functional and used daily. The boys are pretty good and putting their things away. We’ve lost some things (art aprons) and added some things (lacrosse sticks, track bags, dog gear) but the original set up still works.

At the same time that I was working on the new shelves, the fridge in the kitchen was relocated out here (we were having trouble with the water line leaking). I’ve been dying to have a second fridge for years. I had to hang my bike and Amanda’s bike to make room but we don’t use them as much as the boys so it shouldn’t be an issue.

The last thing I did was replace some old rusted metal shelving that was in the closet. It came with the house and was in awful shape. These plastic units fit perfectly. We store Amanda’s large collection of “party” pillows, decor, tubs, buckets and vessels out in these closets along with cleaning supplies, paper products, extra paint and yard tools.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the garage door stopped working during the same few days so I had to rewire that. The only thing left out here might be the floor. It’s too pitted to paint it and Amanda isn’t convinced that astro turf is the way to go. Ha!

If you’re interested in the details, sources and more, be sure to visit my original post. According to the infamous 40×41 list, it seems my next project will either be the coat closet or iron railings. But don’t hold your breath, I’ve got 20 months.

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23 thoughts on “Honey Does: The Garage Part 2 {40×41}

  1. Life can’t be managed well….without TWO fridges. I don’t think we can ever live without two again. Get ready to enjoy that! The shelves look great. Only Dixie Delights has a garage as pretty as a living room in most homes!

  2. Honey, once again – superb job. This is definitely my go to for garage inspiration! And, despite what you might think, you’re a pretty good blogger! ?

  3. Good job, Honey!! In spite of not having Astroturf on the floor, it looks great. In the midst of all that gorgeousness, I’m sorry to say the only thing I can use in my own, tiny, garage is the storage “thingy” for your rakes and shovels. I think I see it in your before pics–do you remember where you got it? Storage for those things is always an issue for my hubby and me, and that looks like a really useful piece. And I must say I love being able to post comments. I’ve read your blog for several years now, and I’ve never been able to comment because I didn’t have a URL, ID or anything. It’s nice to meet you! :)

  4. What a guy!!! I am always amazed at your skills…..keep up the good work and I think you should start your own blog.

  5. Hoorah, “Honey”! That is one, fabulous masterpiece and I hope your refrigerator is forever stocked FULL of ice cold beer! Cheers!

  6. This looks amazing! We did a mini garage makeover after seeing your first garage makeover and we can’t thank you enough for the inspiration. Our floors looked way worse than yours and we did the epoxy kit from lowes and it worked so well! The prep work was a pain and we had lots of holes in the concrete to patch before starting, but it was well worth it!! Can’t thank you enough for sharing and being such a great inspiration.

  7. I think my Aunt Betty actually HAD a breadboard over her mantle in her old farmhouse! :-) Too cute! Hello to you and “Daddy-O”!

  8. Hello: What did you use as backing in the locker areas? Is it beadboard, or something close to that?

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