I Love {Monograms} and So Do You

I truly had the best time reading all of your comments when I posed the question “What is your very favorite thing to monogram?”  So many great ideas rolled in that it just seemed smart to compile a comprehensive list for everyone’s reference.

Before I get started, I thought I’d share my top five things to monogram… I mean, why limit ourselves to one.  That was unfair of me to ask.

my littles’ polo style shirts




DSC_0260 (2) copy

paper products



April 2013 014 copy

and a canvas

April 2013 159 copy

And now, without further ado, here is a most comprehensive list of things to monogram according to Dixie Delights readers:

  1. girl clothing
  2. throw pillow
  3. water bottles
  4. jewelry
  5. notebooks
  6. linen shirts
  7. shirt cuffs
  8. towels
  9. stationery
  10. day planner
  11. cocktail napkins
  12. linens
  13. baby clothing
  14. baby blankets
  15. ball cap
  16. lake house chairs
  17. sweatshirt
  18. front door
  19. bags
  20. luggage
  21. Tervis Tumblers
  22. smart phone
  23. fun & festive platters
  24. enclosure cards
  25. boy clothes
  26. clothing
  27. backpack
  28. lunch box
  29. tote bag
  30. beach spikes
  31. cutting board
  32. key chain
  33. Disney Magic Band (why have I not done this??!!)
  34. weekender bag
  35. acrylic items
  36. swim suits
  37. pajamas
  38. jackets
  39. rain coats
  40. shower curtain
  41. upholstered furniture
  42. sheets
  43. table linens
  44. Lilly Pulitzer Popover
  45. bath wrap
  46. mugs
  47. pull-overs
  48. polo shirts
  49. sun hat
  50. kitchen towel
  51. casserole cover
  52. bar-ware
  53. dog pillow
  54. sandals
  55. door mat
  56. guest soap
  57. wreath
  58. cooler
  59. purse
  60. Baptismal gown
  61. cosmetic bag
  62. computer
  63. Disney shirt
  64. workout pants
  65. lamp
  66. art
  67. binder
  68. pencil holder
  69. candle
  70. quilted or fleece vest
  71. hair bows / ribbons
  72. And, by far the most popular mentioned item… EVERYTHING!

There are some GREAT ideas on that list.  I mean, I need to get on monogramming my Disney Magic Bands and Lilly Popovers ASAP.  And I def could use a monogrammed cooler.   OH, and shirt cuffs.  Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks y’all, for the great ideas and inspiration!!  You make writing this little blog such a joy!!!!


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15 thoughts on “I Love {Monograms} and So Do You

  1. Oh how I love monograms too! I was so inspired by all the monograms in your house I decided to build wooden valances for my master bedroom windows and put a wooden monogram in the center of one of them. They are in the garage waiting to go up. So excited!

  2. Hi, I would love to get my children’s school bags, lunch boxes, drinks bottles and gym bags monogrammed and I am probably being thick but I don’t know how to go about doing this? Please could you tell me xx

    1. Yes! I have ordered my kids backpacks from pottery barn kids and now ll bean (once they hit kindergarten). Both places offer monogramming on their bags. I have a local girl that does other things for me. Ask around in your area!! Also, look on etsy as there are TONS of sellers with cute monogrammed items.

  3. Where do you find plain boy polo style shirts that aren’t the POLO brand? Just wondering what your favorites are. :)

  4. Next on my list are my “to go” coffee cup, a cutting board & the edge of a tortoise shell bracelet. I’m also doing some cutting boards for Christmas gifts.

    Lots of great ideas here! xoxo

  5. Hi ~ For my things (clothing, stationary, etc), I use my monogram. For the kids, I use theirs. But for things in the home (like your chair with the AW monogram), do you use your monogram or a combination of yours and your husband’s initials? Thanks and happy weekend!

    1. Luckily my AW monogram could be both my first and last initials OR my first initial and his first initial :-) When I do three letter monograms on stuff at home (towels, chairs in my kitchen, various pillows), I use our combined monogram. So, it’s aWw with the A being my first, the W in the middle being our last, and the W on the right being his first. Hope that helps!!

      1. Yes, how lucky!! With three initials, that’s what I do too (linens, towels, pillows) and always wondered when there is only 2 initials, whose initials are included. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fun post! I love monogramming my girls’ hair ribbons! Oh! That white bedroom chair! I never get tired of looking at it! It is simply stunning!!!

    1. I have usually just asked for local recommendations. I choose my fabric, take it in to my upholsterer and have him mark where the monogram should go. Then I get it monogrammed and bring it back for recovering. Hope that helps!

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