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A little while back I asked “How do y’all love to treat your teachers?  And if you are a teacher, what’s your favorite little treat to receive?”  And, as usual, y’all were full of bright ideas!!   I’ve compiled those into a list and can’t wait to have this at the ready the next time I want to treat one of our teachers.

But first, I’ve shared a roundup of some of the ways we’ve treated our teachers here, and my top three are below:

Berry Basket

April 2012 879 copy

Team Tassels


High Fives Book

May 2013 287

I just love the ideas that y’all wrote in with…

  1. an apple cookie cutter pushed into a pan of thick fudge; so, the cutter filled with fudge was then wrapped in clear cellophane tied with plaid ribbon
  2. teacher soup mug that said Souper Teacher and had a soup mix in it
  3. $5 gift cards (Starbucks, Sonic)
  4. flowers
  5. hand soaps
  6. a plate with two scones a pot of jam and a pot of cream that the student had made himself
  7. candles with a note that says “thanks for lighting the way for XX this year”
  8. Bath & Body Works {PUMPKIN!!!!} soap that said, “I was ‘soaping’ you’d be my teacher.”
  9. homemade treats (this year was orange curd)
  10. a small potted plant from Trader Joe’s

Great ideas, right?!  Speaking of treating our teachers, I feel SO very fortunate to be blessed with two outstanding teachers this year.  I really cannot say enough good things about them.  I am particularly relieved at what a good year John is having.  His teacher is so incredibly engaging and hands on, and is the rare kind of teacher that differentiates between her students.  We really hit the lotto.


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10 thoughts on “Treats for Teachers

  1. At our Catholic school, the teachers make 33% less than a public school teacher, so we try to always give money. As treats I’ll do gift cards to Starbucks. Or even bottles of wine (we’re Catholic we can get away with that!) I try to make them dinner at least once a school year. Or will drop off lunch. We are so great at doing meal trains for other moms. I just think that a meal for no reason is something we need more of! Especially in the hectic months when sports, tests, etc,., are going on.

  2. The berries are perfect! Just know, as a former teacher, the smallest gift..a note a flower from the yard, can make the day and even week!

  3. I try to give my son’s teachers nice treats as well like gift cards for Target, or the movies, or dinner’s out. For Christmas, they always get wine and a gift card to shop on Amazon… :)

  4. I absolutely love all of these ideas! I have been following your blog for years now, just stockpiling ideas for when I had littles of my own!! I now have an 11-month-old daughter, and I can’t wait to start putting many of your amazing ideas to use! Thank you!!

  5. So glad to hear that both of your boys are having a good year. Its amazing the difference a motivated, enthusiastic teacher can make. Love your ideas xx

  6. Thanks for all your ideas! I’ve tried to be diligent with providing a few treats so far this year. I actually modified one of yours from the past. I attached a Sonic gift card to a note that said… “Teachers can’t live on Apples alone, enjoy a sweet treat on me!” She loved it!

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