One Room Challenge: Powder Room {Week 4}

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I’m seeing why they call it a challenge…  Hold that thought for two secs and let’s gaze at something nice instead.  The vision…

Powder Room copy

And the goals:

  1. An updated space that makes a nice transition from my preppy pink and colorful family office to the rest of the main level.  This little powder room gets a lot of use and opens onto the main downstairs hallway AND the family office.
  2. A neutral and timeless foundation with accessories that add pops of color and can be changed out as tastes change.  I have mostly used this philosophy throughout my home.  Neutral walls, neutral floor coverings and neutral furniture.  I want to do the same here, but layer touches pink (to tie in the office) and turquoise (to transition to the rest of the house.)

Okay, now back to the update.  Should I give y’all the good news or the bad news first?!  How about the good news.


The box for the light fixture has been moved from the wall to the ceiling.  Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  This makes SO much more sense and will allow my nice big mirror to really make the most of the wall space.  The  chandelier is now hung and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

You can also see in this pic that Honey painted the ceiling a pale blue!!  YAY!  It’s the same color that I used in the office and on the front and back porches.  It’s Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.

DSC_0081 copy


Thanks to Honey, the vanity has now been painted.  Wahoo!!!  I went with a color called Luxe Gray by Amy Howard.  It is supposed to only need one coat (two max), but Honey is on coat three and the doors still need another.  Hmmmm….  All those layers of paint aside, I love the color!!


DSC_0078 copy

Here you can see it with the wallpaper peeking in.  It’s going to be GOOD!  As for the hardware, in a moment of weakness (THANKS Mother and Sister), I splurged on the satin brass and lucite pulls that match the towel bar from Lux Hold Ups.  The shipping states 2-3 weeks.  EEK.  I sent them a message begging pretty please with a cherry on top to mail them out in the 2 week time frame rather than the 3 week time frame.  I got no reply…  SO, the towels may be folded on the back of the potty in my big reveal.  haha.

DSC_0031 copy

I also decided to keep the faucet I have, despite the old no mixing metals rule.  I love it and it kind of disappears into the counter now, which I don’t mind at all.  Thanks to everyone that weighed in on that!

DSC_0035 copy

The Samode rug in fuchsia has also arrived and it’s pretty perfect.  I got the towels back from my little monogramming friend and they are also lovely.  I used my Number Four Eleven custom monogram.


I’ve been crushing on some marble shelves from quite some time now, but not only are they $60 a piece, but they are also now on back order until December.  SO… the girl and I trotted off to Home Depot to devise a plan b.  We left with four corbels and one stair tread that we had cut in half.  Fingers crossed this isn’t a total bust.




So that was all pretty good, no?  Well, here we get to the bad.  The wallpaper installer sent her helper out to remove the existing wallpaper on Tuesday.  Well, the lady calls me in after a while and says that her scraper is shocking her every time she touches the wall.  I go in there and stick my bare hand on the wall and am completely SHOCKED (literally and figuratively).  At first blush I thought it might be something wrong with wiring after moving the light.  The walls were really wet from the solution she uses to scrape the paper off also.  She beats a path to the door and bestie P and I go in there to poke around.  Lo and behold if she hadn’t SOAKED the wiring with her solution.   This pic is upside down (I still can’t figure this out) but you can see how the caps on the wires were FULL of fluid.  ALL of them were.  We cut off the power and drained the water out.  The electrician can’t come out until later today to make sure everything is okay so we haven’t had power in the office, den, foyer or powder room since Tuesday.  UGH.


The walls currently look like this.  Partially stripped with glue dried in strange places.  I think I’m done with that installer and have called around for another.  Of course I’m being quoted almost double.  BUT you get what you pay for, I suppose.  This also throws a wrench in the timing because I haven’t got confirmation that anyone can even come out in the next two weeks.   I have no doubt that it will eventually get done, I’m just not sure that my big reveal will be possible two weeks from today :-)


After all that drama, I couldn’t help but laugh when P raced to her car and came back with Gigi’s cupcakes.  She said she knew this day was not going to be the best as soon as she woke up so she proactively stocked up on cupcakes.  She’s the best.


Here is my to-do list:

  • order wallpaper
  • have wallpaper hung – find new installer
  • patch holes from old light, towel bars and tp roller
  • paint ceiling – this weekend
  • rug
  • mirror
  • hang mirror
  • soap dispenser
  • paint cabinet (can you believe I, Amanda of Dixie Delights, am going to paint wood? ) – one more coat on the doors
  • cabinet pulls – ordered; must install
  • towels
  • monogram towels
  • art
  • figure out frame for art
  • shelves – assemble, paint and hang
  • towel bar- ordered; must install
  • style shelves
  • shop the stores and house for accessories
  • have light box moved to ceiling & hang chandy
  • chandelier

So, it seems like I’ve done a ton of thinking on the easy things and not a lot of doing or thinking on the hard things.  Yikes!


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15 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Powder Room {Week 4}

  1. I had to remove a lot of wallpaper in our house over the years…all of the bathrooms and the kitchen. I resisted the advice of others but on our last room with wallpaper I caved and tried the Downy fabric softener and warm water in a spray bottle…worked like a charm, didn’t smell and the paper was down easy peasy. Best solution out of all of them. If you want to save by removing the rest of it yourself and just pay for the new paper to be hung, I highly recommend it.

    Also, I would totally attempt to get the old installer to pay for that electrician bill. Chances are slim that they will but I would try.

  2. Oh that shocking incident would have freaked me out. She must have known she messed up with the way she scooted out the door! The light looks beautiful and I love the ceiling color. Just yesterday I pinned that exact paint color. I don’t have a plan for it…just like it! Anyway, good luck with the next step. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Get a spray bottle, fill it with 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 warm water. Pull the front of the wallpaper off. Spray the paper backing w/ the vinegar solution till looks wet. Wait a minute and the backing will easily come off. No chemicals, no scraping..easy peasy! Just wipe the walls with clean water and a sponge. We just took wall border down (No, I didn’t put it up! :( ) in six rooms and it was so simple. Give it a try!

  4. Love all of your choices ! Once had a powder room hung with very beautiful (and expensive) Asian designed wallpaper covered in animals and tree branches. After the hanger quickly scooted out, I thought it looked great until I started noticing she cut out several of the animals and branches from the extra paper and put them over the seam where the paper did not match up. It looked terrible!!! Did get some of my money back, but had to leave the paper as is. It was the only bathroom downstairs and since I cringed every time I saw it, I had to run upstairs anytime I need to use the restroom.

  5. All your choices are coming together so beautifully, I’m so sorry that you have a big hold up! Here’s hoping you can get it all done in the next two weeks!

  6. Oh Amanda! I’m so sorry to hear about your wallpaper fiasco. I clicked on your link today with the full intention of making myself feel bad, because I just KNEW you would be sailing along and I feel like I have SO much left to accomplish. I’m sad to see we are sort of in the same boat. This really is a challenge. On the good note…I love the chandy, towels, rug, and cabinet. All are great!

  7. So sorry about your mishap! That’s awful. I’m trying to think if I know if any installers in the Atlanta area who would be free ASAP. If I come up with any, I’ll let you know!
    Love the blue ceiling. And, mixing metals is totally ok!

  8. Love the paint on the cabinet and the towels and the shots of pink! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    You might want to ask the electrician why the breaker didn’t trip when the wires became soaked…

  9. Amanda,

    Everything is coming along and looks great although I loved the before too. Six weeks is a short time to get an entire room done! I am not sure if you noticed but it looks like they make your exact same faucet in brass too if you are worried about mixing metals. I understand as I struggle with that too.

  10. I love all your goodies and cannot wait to see that paper in all it’s glory. I think doing the ORC just might have been a lifesaver in this case… so scary about your wiring and fire hazard. Running behind is worth it to find out about this and get it fixed and insure your families safety. So crazy!! And glad you had back up cupcakes when it all came down :)

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