One Room Challenge: Powder Room {Week 2}

I’m back with a week 2 update for the One Room Challenge.  First things first, let me ground you again on the vision…

Powder Room copy

I also should have laid out my goals last week:

  1. An updated space that makes a nice transition from my preppy pink and colorful family office to the rest of the main level.  This little powder room gets a lot of use and opens onto the main downstairs hallway AND the family office.
  2. A neutral and timeless foundation with accessories that add pops of color and can be changed out as tastes change.  I have mostly used this philosophy throughout my home.  Neutral walls, neutral floor coverings and neutral furniture.  I want to do the same here, but layer touches pink (to tie in the office) and turquoise (to transition to the rest of the house.)

Since we last chatted, I’ve spent my week shopping online.  I know, it sounds positively dreadful.  :-)  And while I don’t at this very moment have anything to show you seeing as everything is in transit, I thought I’d run down the choices and sources.


I kept trying to make myself checkout with this darling Scallop Trim Hanging Lantern.  I wanted to love it so much.  I would add it to my buggy and then freeze when it came to clicking BUY.  And, one thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that if I don’t immediately feel compelled to purchase then it is simply not for me, no matter how much I love it.  I was a little hung up on the turquoise color because I like my lighting timeless.  But it also comes in white and I knew it could be repainted later.  The other issue that had me was the price.  I just hated to spend $289 PLUS tax and astronomical shipping on a little bitty light.  So I ultimately walked away from it.  I would LOVE this in somebody else’s home, but not mine.  Do y’all ever feel like that?

 Scallop Trim Hanging Lantern

So where I ended up was a Ro Sham Beaux-ish beauty that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time.  It is $199 and I had a coupon for $25 off PLUS they were running a free shipping offer.  If you know Ro Sham Beaux, you will also know that this is an amazing price for a knock off.  So, it netted out about $130 less than the scallop lantern AND is something I’ve loved for a long, long time.

I’ve already spoken with the electrician about moving the light box from the wall to the ceiling and the light should arrive early next week!!


Like my walls and furniture, I mostly keep my floors neutral as well.  BUT, I adore Dash & Albert rugs (I have another in my foyer) and couldn’t resist adding the Samode rug in fuchsia to the space.  It’s indoor / outdoor, which I adore, and should be able to stand up to frequent traffic and cleaning.  (Little boys and their friends can be downright yucky.)


Thanks to the help of bestie P, the South Seas Thibaut wallpaper is ordered and will be delivered TODAY!!!!!!!!!!  It’s all kinds of fantastic.  I will have to restrain myself from rolling it out all over the floor and wallowing in it.  I mean, with Elsa around that just spells trouble.  I cannot wait to bid farewell to my microscopic toile.


I did a blog post back in June about trying to pick out a piece of art to hang over the potty in this very room. (One thing led to another and here I am re-doing the entire kit and caboodle…) Well, Minted offered me a credit to get one of my choice and I picked out a HUGE piece called Summer Winds for the main wall in the room.  It’s 30×40″ and I’m going to need to get real crafty on how to frame the behemoth.


Every room needs to have a splurge, and the mirror is the splurge in here.  I have always, always, always loved this Moroccan Gilt Mirror.  Like always.  I have dreams of hanging a pair of them in my one-day-far-far-away-to-be-renovated master bathroom.  But, I’m equally as giddy to get this one hung in the powder room.  I mean, sometimes things are just too good to be hidden away in a master bedroom.  Right!?  I ordered it during their site wide Columbus Day sale, frantically trying to get their website to work in order to get the discount before the stroke of midnight.  AHHHHH…. multiple browsers, two computers, finally ordered on my iphone.  HA!  I told y’all online shopping is no joke.

So that’s not too shabby for a week, right?!

Here is my to-do list:

  • order wallpaper
  • have wallpaper hung
  • paint ceiling
  • rug
  • mirror
  • hang mirror
  • soap dispenser
  • paint cabinet (can you believe I, Amanda of Dixie Delights, am going to paint wood? )
  • cabinet pulls – paint or get new?
  • towels
  • monogram towels
  • art
  • figure out frame for art
  • shelves – purchase or DIY???
  • towel bars & tp roller – paint or get new????
  • style shelves
  • have light box moved to ceiling & hang chandy
  • chandelier

So, it seems most everything left is the heavy lifting.  I need to line up some workers for next week like STAT!


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17 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Powder Room {Week 2}

  1. I’m so happy you changed lightI was thinking the same thing you described when I saw your mood board. The turquoise light looks a little too trendy/blog-y/colorful/dare I say… Cheap? Even though it’s not. Trendy I guess is the best word. but I love love love the second choice. Can’t wait to see everything come together.

  2. Ooooh! I just love that chandelier- I can’t wait to see it hung! I love the pops of color you chose against a neutral background. I’ve been struggling with our powder room since we moved in and this is fabulous inspiration :) I can’t wait to see it all come together!

  3. Love the paper sooo much. I think your pops of pink are perfect and the huge print from Minted (Emily Jeffords, I think?? and a favorite of mine) is going to be amazing in that scale!! Love everything about this!!

  4. Wow, you already accomplished a lot! The new light is going to be gorgeous in there. Whenever I try to convince myself of something, it usually ends up being the wrong choice. You were smart to go with your gut if it didn’t feel right with the first light. I also love the Dash and Albert rug choice. I have a couple of their rugs in my home. You have some beautiful pieces picked out. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  5. I am still drooling over the wallpaper! It’s all going to look so great together. And way to trust your gut; trends are fun, but I’ve learned that if you like classic & timeless (as I do), trends will come back to get ya every time ;)

  6. I love the way you’ve decorated your whole house and am excited to see this room when it’s done!! I have one quick question. What program or app do you use to make your vision boards? I am completely challenged when it comes to technology, but would love to put together a board to see my ideas before I try to implement them.

  7. I love it all Amanda! Gorgeous light and love the painting! And that might be the most gorgeous wallpaper ever! (I might have used it in my guest room ORC.) I wish I would have had time to look at all the ORC’s last week because I’ve got two double rolls of that paper hanging out in my guest room closet and could have given you a total deal!
    Can’t wait to see this all come together!

  8. I can’t wait to see this room come together! I love your home and your style. I think the pops of turquoise and pink are going to be perfect. I absolutely adore the light fixture you purchased. Love it all!

  9. Great choices! The color of your paper is spectacular ~ the gold mirror will be classic with it! I already fell in love with your sister’s version of the chandelier and yours is adorable. You must be so excited to style the room. Now we know what you and your talented mother were up to last weekend. ;-)

  10. It is going to be amazing! I adore the wallpaper, and your choice of chandelier. So exciting to watch it come together! xo

  11. I feel that way so much about making purchases – I wait and if I don’t go back to buy it, then I know it wasn’t for me!

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