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At long, loooong last, I finally have a solution for the age old what-in-the-world-to-do-with-Christmas-cards issue.  I have been brainstorming ideas for what seems like years and could never figure out a cute way to display them in our home.

DSC_0426 copy

This one cost under $10 ($4 of which is reusable) and adds SO much holiday cheer to our kitchen.  I simply covered the existing picture in the kitchen with repositionable chalkboard paper, added a plaid bunting from Target (with glue dots), layered on the word “joy!” from a set of glittered letters I’ve had for ages (it was the only word I could create with the letters left and I even had to jig up the “y” with a “v” and the bottom part of a “j”), created a little border out of chalk and started taping on the pics as they arrive!

DSC_0423 copy

I didn’t get to share this in my original kitchen home tour because not only did I not have enough time to do it but I also didn’t have any cards to hang on it yet.  You can see the before here:

DSC_0050 copy

… and the after here!  I love how it doesn’t add up to one more thing that needs to be stored for 11 months of the year.

DSC_0422 copy

And if all goes as planned, I’ll save the bunting to use again next year and simply peel off and toss the chalk board paper.  I had thought about using kraft paper or wrapping paper, but envisioned lots of problems with it coming down once I started taping all of the heavy cards on.  This solution gives them something nice to hang on to that isn’t also barely hanging on to the picture.

DSC_0424 copy

I know it sounds odd, but I have HATED stacking my cards in a pile every year for years on end.  And I just never had a good place for a garland to tie them to like many do.  So, this feels like a big holiday win for me :-)


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Card Display

  1. Very cute! We have a card hanger – a metal Santa face, & the beard is made of spirals to stick the cards into). I adore the JOY garland!

  2. Here’s another simple, inexpensive and easy to store idea…Get two lengths of ribbon of your choice (used a 2.5 inch wide plaid) and run the two strips down an inside door (I used my pantry door which is painted black), secure it with tape over the top and underneath the bottom on the back side of the door, then attach cards with clothespins, which now come in nice colors and sizes.

  3. That is a great idea Amanda – I love that repositionable chalkboard paper! And it looks perfect with your decor! I use ribbons tacked to the top of doors around the house and clip the cards to them with mini clothespins, but I’ve that forever and it would be fun to change it up so thank you for the idea!

  4. I type to my banister with different plaid/tartan ribbon. BUT I use to do a container of sticks and would tie them to that. It made for an extra tree of sorts. It was cute and fun. We get over 200 cards now and the tree wasn’t big enough. It’s a good problem to have. Card s are fun but they are the death of me in the way of clutter.

  5. We hang out for Christmas then punch holes and make little books with the cards with binder rings. My kids love looking at their friends’ old pictures every year!

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