Magical Monday: Memories of Disney + Diagon Alley {GoPro}

As y’all know from our September trip, we picked up a GoPro this fall and have been having so much fun with it!!  Using the camera and editing the video was a much smoother process this second go round.  So, without further ado, I invite y’all to take a little peek into our visit to Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Diagon Alley and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!!

See my original GoPro post for details on our camera and such.

Have a magical Monday, y’all!


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18 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Memories of Disney + Diagon Alley {GoPro}

  1. How fun! Ryan got a GoPro with a couple of different mounts for Christmas, and we haven’t even tried it out yet! On the to-do list for this week!

  2. Too totally adorable!! You had a great talent for capturing such joy! Question: Do you have to purchase each of your ride pictures or is there a plan for getting them all? Please keep sharing your videos. Love them!

    1. It’s called Memory Maker. I have bought it for 2 long trips and it was $150 at the prepurchase rate. The last two times we went, all of my pics showed up in one of our friend’s accounts that had purchased it.

  3. Love this! Great editing. We went for a quick trip last week. I have been a lot in the past but have not been in about 7 years. Followed some of your tips and really appreciated them. Keep them coming! Really enjoyed the singing guy at Port Orleans he was hilarious!

  4. Love the video!!! So fun! We were there in December and are going back in May but I’m currently experiencing withdrawals. I was living in the moment on our last trip and I really didn’t take that many pics or videos (much to my dismay). We had the memory maker so I have tons of staged photos, but I plan on being much more intentional about taking pics and videos this next trip. Quick question: do you purchase memory maker on your short trips? We will have two park days and I don’t know that paying $149 for that few amount of days really makes sense.

    1. I don’t buy it for anything less than a week. Bestie M already has one of the new annual passes that comes with Memory Maker. Since we are friends in My Disney Experience, ALL of my videos and pics showed up in HER account for free. So, she gave me her login and I downloaded them :-)

    2. Also, for our fall trip we had two other family friends going. One friend had already bought memory maker and she got all of our pics from the week. We ended up splitting the cost for it in 3rds and she just emailed us our pics.

  5. How much FUN!!! Makes me want one of those cameras! But I’d probably never figure out how to put together cute videos. :)

  6. Hi Amanda, I’ve read your blog for quite some time now, I think I stumbled upon it while looking for Disney info. My 6 year old daughter had a terrible nightmare at 3 am last night and I could not get her mind off it. We watched this video on my phone together and we smiled and remembered our fun trip to Disney. She fell asleep quickly after! So cute, thanks for cheering us up!
    Holly in MN

  7. LOVE the video – we leave Wednesday to celebrate little man’s 8th birthday at Universal and Disney! Oh and I might be running the marathon – ok I’m definitely running the marathon!

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