Wanderlust: Hawaii Ohana {40×41}

I’ll conclude our incredibly wonderful vacation from Los Angeles to Disneyland to Hawaii with the “ohana” photos we had taken on the lagoon at Aulani.

Photo 0008 (2)

Photo 0001

Photo 0016 (2)

Photo 0031 (2)

Photo 0037

Photo 0045 (2)

Photo 0057

Photo 0063

Photo 0071

We scheduled a private portrait session with the Aulani Photopass photographers about a month ahead of time.  I looked into using other local photographers, but am so happy that I went with the ones at Aulani after seeing them!

I kind of feel like I felt after our wedding and honeymoon were over.  Like they just flew by so fast, after more than a year of researching, planning, discussing, reading and saving.  The first couple of days I didn’t know what to do with myself, but life has quickly resumed to normal :-)

We still have a few trips to look forward to this summer and fall but we are already scheming for next spring break.  It won’t be anything to the level of this trip, and we will stay much closer to home, but it exciting in its own right!!

one final aloha & xoxo

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Adventure is Out There {40×41}


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16 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Hawaii Ohana {40×41}

  1. Amanda, the pictures are gorgeous – every detail just perfect. An amazing way to memorialize your trip and turning 40! ? xo

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed every portion of your trip sharing with us!!! So glad it was amazing. Beautiful trip and beautiful family!

  3. The pictures are wonderful and I know exactly how you feel! The first time I visited Kauai was amazing! Then we had to come home. I remember feeling so sad – borderline depressed that it had all passed so quickly!

  4. I am sad the RECAPS are over, I can only imagine how sad you were when the actual trip was over! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family vacation with us – Love the amount of detail you put in to ALL OF IT!

  5. What a fantastic trip! Loved following along and getting ideas for our future vacas! I noticed your boys mostly wear polished looking, matching clothes and aren’t wearing the typical athletic shorts and shirts. What a mom’s dream as it makes the vacation phitos look so much nicer! I’m always disappointed to get a great photo with a beautiful background yet my boys have on their athletic clothes because that’s what they prefer to wear. They have a uniform for school so I’m sure that contributes to not wanting to wear polos or nice shorts on vaca! Any tips on how you plan their outfits and how you get them to cooperate in wearing them? Ha!

    1. Wellllll, at home they live in athletic clothes outside of mass and the rare dinner or event where I make them dress up and am met with moans and groans. But, on vacation I do the packing and I just don’t pack anything else :-) They are so excited about the day’s plans that they just get dressed. Every time I do this I wonder… is this the last time they will fall for it? I hear from friends with older kids that the do outgrow the athletic wear in middle school. One can hope!

      1. I was thinking the same thing as the original commenter (I have two boys as well). Any chance we could convince you to do a post sharing your packing tips? Do you have a standard checklist you use? You all always look so put together in your vacation pics!

  6. Awww, Amanda…these are so beautiful and such a lovely remembrance. You picked the perfect colors (as always!) and I cannot believe how much the boys have grown! Aloha and Mahalo!

  7. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure!! It’s never been on my radar to go to Hawaii, but I’m rethinking that. Your trip looked like so much fun. And you have some gorgeous family photos to remember your trip by.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful vacation I looked forward to your blog hitting my email. Amanda, the photos were perfect! What a special way to remember your trip…memories are made moments at a time.

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