Sunday Supper {Mint Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake}

One of Honey’s most favorite desserts of all time is mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Serve it up in cake form and he is over the moon.  Since we were eating out for his Father’s Day din din, I took time that afternoon to make him a dessert I knew he’d love – a Mint Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!!!!!!!


Here’s How (I made this up so bear with me):

  • box chocolate cake mix (I really blew it out with the Duncan Hines Decadent Triple Chocolate mix at $3 whole dollars and it was worth it!)
  • carton mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • bag semi sweet chocolate chips (12-oz.)
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tsp instant coffee granules
  • Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set (you can use this method with any cake pans, but this is a fave of mine)
  1. Prepare the cake mix according to the box directions.  Spray 3 of the 5 cake pans (I love Baker’s Joy).  Since the cake pan set is made to fully use a box cake mix, you will have extra.  I cooked the extra in a muffin tin rather than throwing it away.  Don’t try to use all of the cake mix in 3 pans because it will make a big mess in your oven :-)  After cooking, fully cool the cake layers.  I made mine the night before.
  2. Set the ice cream out to soften enough that it is easy to scoop and smoosh.  Line 2 of the 5 mini cake pans with press and seal / saran wrap.  Scoop in enough ice cream to fully fill the two pans.  It took about 4 large scoops for me.  Put a second piece of press and seal on top and smoosh the ice cream down to make a perfect cake layer.  Put back in freezer to firm up.  I did this step the night before also.
  3. On the day of, I made the chocolate ganache.  It’s SOOOO good, y’all!  In a double boiler (ie. pot placed over pot of boiling water) melt the chocolate chips in the cream and coffee.  Stir frequently until nice and smooth.  Remove from heat and let fully cool!!  You don’t want to melt your ice cream.
  4. To assemble, start with a cake layer then an ice cream layer then some ganache.  Repeat, ending with a cake layer and topping with a bunch of ganache.  You have to work quickly!  It was super duper yummy!  When it came time to store I was a bit perplexed as it wouldn’t fit in my freezer.  SO…. I turned the whole thing upside down in a trifle bowl and that worked perfectly as well.

I will say that this took a bit of effort but was worth it.  It would be delish with any flavor of ice cream as well.

Pull on the stretchy pants and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Supper {Mint Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake}

  1. Wow! I can’t imagine that this wouldn’t be a hit with everyone! It looks divine! xo

  2. That looks so decadent, I bet the dessert was demolished in record time. Mint chocolate chip is a fave of mine, too. Question: How did you figure the amount of cake batter to put in each pan, did you measure out or eyeball it? I make chocolate ganache often as the “frosting” for brownies, so yummy. I don’t even bother with the double boiler method, just use a saucepan to heat the cream to the point where bubbles begin to appear and then pour over the chips which are in a stainless (or similar) bowl. Mix until combined!

    1. I just eye balled it. Filled about 2/3 full, erring on the not full enough side :-) I think this ganache would be amazing on SO many things!

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