Stars and Stripes Exterior Decor

Around mid-June I usually go ahead and festoon the exterior with stars and stripes.


As usual, Elsa had to wiggle her way into the photo shoot.  I don’t mind, of course.  She’s really the best accessory.  Nothing screams “all American family” more than an abode with a pup proudly perched out front.


I’m using my Bronwyn Hanahan firecracker door hanger again this year.  Y’all know I adore her stuff!


The ferns are doing just as well this year as last.  My new front porch go-to for sure!



I usually hang a full sized flag here on the front but the one on our flag pole in the back bit the dust this year so sweet talked Honey into hanging an extra bunting by hanging out of the attic window.


Our driveway seating still gets as much use as ever.  Not as much me monitoring toddlers as in years past (so sad!) but more for when Honey is grilling in the evenings.


My monogrammed anchor is a happy little hello on the friend’s entry.


The hydrangeas back here are the two best I’ve ever planted.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that they are planted in old in-ground trash cans original to the house.  Ha!  Looking at this pic I’m realizing that my arbor is really leaning.  Must add to the Honey-do list :-)


More buntings wrap around the porch.  These are my favorite!!


We added a path out to the golf course a couple of years ago.  The plants are hanging on by a thread, but it sure is nice to not have to traipse through pinestraw, dirt and pinecones now!


I’ll leave y’all with one last peek at the baby.  You’d never know from this picture that this is the same girl that stole our entire dinner off the counter last week…


Happy (almost) Fourth, y’all!

Everything ReD wHiTe and BlUe!!

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10 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes Exterior Decor

  1. What is the breed of your dog? Details, please.
    Why isn’t tail ďocked?
    I love her. Need one.

    Lov your b

    1. Hi – She’s a goldendoodle. I really don’t know much about tail docking, and wouldn’t do it regardless of breed, but I’ve never seen this particular breed docked :-)

  2. Oh, Elsa is looking so innocent, like she would never steal a dinner…it must have been someone else! Your house looks so lovely and ready to celebrate the holiday! Have a wonderful 4th!

  3. Hi! Your home is just gorgeous, and I wondered if you could please, please, tell me what those shrubs are under your front windows? I love them and see them all the time, but hard as I try, can not find the name of them!
    Thank you!

    1. Sure! They are otto luyken laurel! I LOVE them. Green all year, white flowers in spring! SO easy to care for.

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